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No need to go to the bank. Pensioners can be identified for payments at home

Ukrainian pensioners, who are internally displaced persons, can pass the ID Identification to confirm payments for additional video conferencing services 'language.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with its dispatches to the Ministry of Food Reintegration of the urgently occupied territories.

The Decree has been transferred that for the withdrawal of payments from the 2024th generation of individuals with f HPE You can go through identification at JSC “Oshchadbank” or at the authorities of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

Any pensioners can go through identification using an additional video conference call. You can sign up for identification through the web portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU).

For whom you need to complete the following steps:

  • Go to the web portal of the electronic services of the PFU for registration.
  • At the top of the screen, go to the “Identification in video conferencing mode” tab and click on it.
  • In the form that appears on the screen, fill in all the fields indicated by a star.
  • If necessary, indicate the type of service that requires video identification (translation of sign language, physical support of a personal assistant or assistant, etc.).
  • Before applying, you can add scanned copies of documents: passport, pension certificate, certificate of assignment of an identification number, certificate of birth, work record book, etc.
  • After which click “Submit an application.”

“We respect that it is in the interests of disabled individuals and individuals who are disabled, applications are submitted by guardians and sex offenders,” the ministry explained.

After submitting an application for passage Requiring identification for video conferencing mode You will be contacted by a senior official at the PFU to determine the time and method of conducting video identification.

Video conferencing can be conducted through one of the software platforms selected by the applicant:

  • Google Meet,
  • Signal,
  • Skype,
  • Telegram,
  • Viber,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Zoom.

Video identification is valid for 30 calendar days, and not earlier than 10 business days from the date of submission of the application (reversal).

We were also informed that that some pensioners will continue to make payments without identification.

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