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No visits to the TCC and reservations are planned. Why is the register of military diseases “Oberig” needed?

The register of military conscience “Oberigs” may change the number of pardons for people to whom the factor and also to protect resources Powers and people are constantly undergoing digitalization.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in its communications to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

One of the key sources, as “Oberig” believes, is the prevention of corruption ї.< /p>

“The register of skins is required to change the data and is confirmed by an electronic signature,” said the Ministry of Defense.

What is the “Oberig” registry?

“Oberig” is a unified electronic register of conscripts, military conscripts and reservists. It collects, saves and compiles data for the military sector. In the past, all this information was stored on paper cards in the TCC. Therefore, this tribute could easily be “ruined” or spent. “Oberig” can avoid such situations.

What information is included in the registry?

  • “Oberig” contains the following information:
  • PIB, date of birth, becoming;
  • passport details, tax number;
  • place of residence;
  • family life, information about family members;
  • information about education, specialization;
  • health state;
  • work place;
  • information about criminal record, criminal record.

What are the results of the work of the Oberig register?

TCC clerks and third parties cannot enter unconfirmed information to the registry.

During three previous interactions between the registry and the State border service, border guards collected 230 samples of illegal border crossing with vikorystannya Fragmented documents.

3 databases From the data of TCC and JV they removed duplicates and irrelevant information.

How did the Oberig registry get stolen?

The register is confirmed with a certificate of conformity, and every action is verified by a qualified electronic signature. Access is not public – it may not be determined by the law of the structure.

What services will be launched based on the registry?

Service of electronic armoring of military citizens.

Electronic military regional document (military receipt). This is a sign from the registry, which confirms the regional status of a citizen – it is necessary to stand on the registry, which is attached to the service.

E-register of military diseases

I guess, on the 16th of today, the Verkhovna Rada adopted bill No. 1006 2 for the digitalization of the army.

The bill launches a full-fledged electronic military system. In addition, you will automatically be granted the status of a participant in combat operations. Previously, the register of military conscription “Oberigs” had already been transferred to the State Migration Service and the State Border Guard Service.

A new review of the new law and what changes it is being made – read the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Report about “Oberig”, about how it works and how it contributes to mobilization, – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel ina on Telegram.< /p>

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