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Not seeing the summons. Klimenko named the function of the police in mobilization

For inquiries from territorial centers, staffing police are engaged in noise and delivery , as they rejected the agenda, but did not show up at the TCC. The police do not immediately issue the summons.

RBC-Ukraine reports this through an interview with the head of the National Police, Igor Klimenko, on the telethon.

“The police may write in Id TCC for example, there is a sound of people who rejected the report and did not come to the TCC. It is important that the police, having rejected such information, hear such a person and then bring him to the TCC…” – said Klimenko

To ask, if such a person is harassed , vin vidpov: “Delivered, yes. Within the framework of the law, up to three years.”

According to Klymenko’s words, the police have not issued a summons.

“The police will be on the street, in the event of damage the law will not respond,” said the head of the National Police.

Responsibility for failure to appear at the TCC for the new law on mobilization

With the new law on mobilization, fines for evasion during mobilization will increase ii (dismissal of the summons or failure to appear on it to the telephone number ): in peacetime – from 5,100 to 8,500 hryvnia (community), from 17,000 to 34,000 hryvnia (villages and legal entities); during the war – from 17,000 to 25,500 hryvnias and from 34,000 to 59,000 hryvnias separately.

According to Klimenko, the police databases have data about hundreds of thousands of individuals, as, in the opinion of the TCC , perhaps, are writhing during the service. The words of these people are being verified.

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