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Not without beaches: what a place in Odessa is impossible to miss

“Pearl of the sea” – that's what the Malovny resort town in Ukraine is called. It is difficult to equate Odessa with some other place. It is important to convey the color of these imperfections in words. You can feel the hospitality here from the outside.

RBC-Ukraine collected information about some of the most important places in Odessa.

When preparing the material, the following were used Dzherela: “Primorsky Boulevard. Odessa from A to Z”, Official website of the Opera House, Encyclopedia of Ukrainian History.


  • Primorsky Boulevard
  • Potomkinskie Gatherings
  • Opera Theater
  • Deribasivska Street
  • Odessa Catacomb
  • Vorontsov Lighthouse
  • Vorontsov Palace
  • Passage

Primorsky Boulevard

The best place to start your tour of Odessa is Primorsky Boulevard. You can reach literally all important places in the world.

Photo: Primorsky Boulevard (wikipedia.org)

Primorsky Boulevard is the landmark and color of Odessa, as well as one of the most popular tourist attractions. You can get to the boulevard on the other side of the sea along the Potyomkinskih assemblies or take the funicular.

Above the assemblies stands a monument to the first mayor of Odessa – Armand de Richelieu (who is often called simply the Duke). It’s cool that this monument was built as the first monument erected at the site.

Memorial to Armand de Richelieu (photo from the area)

Due to the large-scale invasion of Russia, Primorsky Boulevard will be closed for tourists for a long time. In the spring of 2023, Vlad will open it again for guests.

Potomkinskie gatherings

Another business card of Odessa – Potomkinskie gatherings. A unique project by Count Vorontsov as a gift to his friend Elizabeth.

The Potomkin gatherings were initiated more than a decade ago, but have now continued to attract tourists. Please note that you can help Odessa with it.

Go and see 192 buildings and be among the ten most beautiful in Europe. There is entertainment here, movies are being filmed and shown, and it’s also important to celebrate sports events, for example, who will sooner go down to the gatherings.

Photo: Potomkinskiy gatherings (wikipedia.org)

Opera House

If you are wondering where you can go in the evening in Odessa, the best option is to go to the opera and ballet theater.

One of the most famous places is not only in Odessa, but also beyond the borders of the country. The building, built in the Vidensky Baroque style, looks luxurious not only on its own, but also in the middle.

The museum at the Opera House will also be a great place for tourists. This exhibition will allow guests of the place to embrace the spirit of the Odessa opera and explore its history.

Not far from the Opera House there is a quiet park where you can admire the beauty of the architecture. Street musicians often play here, selecting both contemporary and classical repertoire.

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Photo: Opera House in Odessa (wikipedia.org)

Vulitsya Deribasivska

Deribasivska Street is the epitome of Odessa’s flavor. Having been here, you will clearly understand why Odessa is called “a place of contrasts”. Here simplicity and luxury are harmoniously combined.

There are a lot of quiet restaurants, cafés, boutiques and hotels on Deribasivska. Zabudova Street was built mainly in the 19th century.

< p style="text-align: center;">Vulitsa Deribasivska (photo from the border)

Also on Deribasivskyi there is a monument to the 12th century from the novel of the same name by Illya Ilf and Yevgen Petrov. Mіstevі perekonuyu, bažanya ob'vyazkovo zdіysko, yakshcho yogo sitting on this chair.

Monument to the 12th century(photo from the image)

Odessa catacombs

Odessa catacombs – there are 2500 km of underground tunnels, the lines of which are often connected with each other. Legends are made about the ominousness and mysteries of the catacombs.

This majestic underground labyrinth is under the place, which was created after working with the appearance of stone back in the 19th century.

The Catacombs actively vikorized the Odessa criminal world. At the end of the Second World War, there was a partisan infestation there, and during the Cold War, anti-nuclear bunkers were built near the catacombs.

Odessa catacombs (photo from the edge)

Vorontsov lighthouse

The Vorontsov lighthouse in Odessa is the maritime calling card of the place, the first Odessa sporuda, as tourists say, as they arrive on ships at the port.

In addition, the hydrotechnical sporade of the tower type has been used for many igatsiya, intended for instructions for safe passage of ships or passage into the harbor.

< p style="text-align: center;">Photo:Vorontsov Lighthouse(wikipedia.org)

Vorontsov Palace

The true color of the place is Vorontsov Palace. This is not the most familiar palace in the everyday life of Ukraine. There used to be a gorgeous garden here, and high-born horses lingered in the herds. Today's results have lost all their wisdom.

The palace is visually weaved from the combination of straight and crypted parts of the warehouse, the architect Vikorystov created a contrast between the great blank smooth surfaces and colonnades.

The luxurious interiors, designed by the renowned sculptor and painter Carl Scott, embrace romanticism. The interiors of the palace are the clearest reflections of the savings of the interiors of Odessa during the Empire era.

Photo: Vorontsov Palace (wikipedia.org)

In addition to the palace itself, the colonnade attracts the respect of tourists; here you can find most beautiful photographs in Odessa .

Photo :Colonade in front of the Vorontsov Palace (wikipedia.org)


The “Passage”, built in 1898-1899, is considered a famous monument of architecture and a calling card of Odessa. The lines of baroque, classic and plastic modern are harmoniously intertwined.

Rodzinka complex – its decor and critical atrium with a sacred building. The rich moldings, the variety of sculptures of ancient heroes make the “Passage” a museum and a shopping center. 2ee. jpg” />

Passage shopping center in Odessa (photo from the image)

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