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Not without the TCC. Who can serve subpoenas that change the new law on mobilization

Summons to the TCC (territorial recruitment centers) can be handed to Ukrainian people? These are representatives of the Military Committee. And the new law on mobilization will just change the procedure from May 18th.

RBC-Ukraine reports on the rules for serving summonses prescribed by Cabinet Resolution No. 1487 and Law 3633-IX.

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  • Who can serve subpoenas
  • Where can they serve subpoenas
  • What is in the subpoena and what can be done
  • What to change from May 18

Who can serve the summons

A summons is a written document that is required by military officials to appear before the TCC. At the hour of mobilization, residents are promptly called to call the telephone number to clarify their information and determine the assignments for a special period.

In this way, the summons can be canceled by any person from 18 to 60 days. In case of sleep, notification by phone, SMS or messenger is not transmitted by law. Obviously, ignoring it will not lead to legal proceedings.

Subpoenas can be served in the following ways:

  • representatives of the TCC, the SBU agency and the department of the Foreign Intelligence Service (due to the fact that military complaints are widespread)
  • representatives of the local self-government body (rural, township and local councils iv)
  • kerivnik enterprises that carry out business activities
  • primary mortgage custodians
  • managers of large apartment buildings (OSBB)

It is significant that confirmed individuals do not have the right to enter life without delay with the method of serving a subpoena.

Where subpoenas can be served

Official norms do not designate the place where the guilty parties will be served with summonses. Therefore, it is legal to respect the award at the place of residence, work, on the street, near parks, public places, etc. It is also possible to ensure that the individuals assigned to the item are re-established.

It is significant that during the war period, Ukrainians may carry documents with them to identify a person. And with the new law on mobilization on May 18 – military-regional documents. The police and TCC representatives were allowed to verify their presence. It is also possible to pay in any place, including those at checkpoints.

“In such situations, during the hour of checking documents at a checkpoint, citizens can be served with summonses,” a lawyer for the Nota company told RBC-Ukraine Group Anton Marinich.

What's in the story and what you can see

The summons contains the name “Summons”, the person’s personal identification number, registration address or actual place of residence, the summons number, the number and date of the TCC order about the need to appear, the date, hour and address of the appearance at the TCC, and M'ya and signature of the TCC clerk, date types of summons and stamp.

In addition, the summons may provide an explanation of the consequences of failure to appear and an obligation to explain the reason. It is significant that a change in the original appearance of the document, as long as it does not affect the replacement, is acceptable.

If you signed the report, but cannot show up, then important reasons may include illness, a spontaneous nature of the war, dii, death of a close relative or other circumstances.

In any case, you must notify the TCC within 3 days of the date of appearance indicated in the report. I last 7 calendar Dniev all one is not at one time to the VIICKKOKOMAT.

at the VIDMOMI VID, the act is stored, PISLE TCC drawn up Adminally, the Stagnes – fine 850 – 1700 varnishes. Ignoring the “combat agenda” threatens with a prison term of 3 to 5 deaths.

What will change from May 18th

If military conspirators ignore the agenda, the TCC may report to the police for the administration instrative delay and delivery to the terminal.

The new law on mobilization is being passed, since for five days the police have not been able to detect and deliver the person, the TCC sends a recommended sheet. letter about being picked up by the addressee. Or it will fix the issue of withdrawal and the impossibility of delivering to the registration address.

For 10 days after the return of the mail, the TCC will force the materials of the document before the court. If it is realized that the military commissariat has used all possible methods to inform about the obligatory provisions on the military branch, the court can immediately suspend the water rights.

In addition, the new law will pass and notifications are carried out under observation police. The police themselves will not serve summonses, but will only ensure order in order to prevent conflict situations between military officials and representatives of the TCC.

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