• 20/04/2024 18:41

Odessa Regional State Administration: Russia launched 3 launch vehicles into the Black Sea: the threat level is high

Одесская ОГА: Россия вывела в Черное море 3 ракетоносителя: уровень угрозы высокий

Photo: Izvestia

Russia has placed 3 surface missile carriers on duty in the Black Sea: 2 frigates and a small missile ship.

Source: message from the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Oleg Kiper

Direct speech: “The level of missile threat is extremely high. The enemy has brought 3 surface missile carriers to combat duty in the Black Sea – 2 frigates and a small missile. The overall readiness for use is 24 “Caliber.”

Details: Kiper called on residents of the Odessa region to ignore air raid signals and respond quickly.

What preceded this: On the evening of December 31, an air raid alert was declared throughout Ukraine due to the takeoff in Russia of a MiG-31K fighter jet, which could carry the Kinzhal aeroballistic missile.


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