• 22/04/2024 19:24

Odessky TsK turned up to support the fathers and fathers before registration

Young men of 2007 are guilty of arriving at the conscription camp for registration. All pre-conscripts are following them.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with messages sent to the Odessa region TCC and joint venture on Facebook.

“According to the orderly legislation, citizens who have received a summons for registration may arrive at conscripted hospitals in regional territorial centers for staffing and social support for the place of residence especially. and pre-conscripts who are loitering on the territory of the district and place,” says the source.

It is clear that the reporter of the statements has a transfer of documents, which young men can submit especially to conscripts. The TCC says that it is the driver's responsibility to arrive at the destination within an hour.

As explained by the Odessa Regional TsK, a registered campaign is required to recruit young people into the military service, to determine the number of upcoming military conscripts, as many of them are relevant for the military service, as well as for the installation nyah special yakosti, fahu, rіvnya illuminati.

Koli appears to be “assigned”

Confirmation of registration to a conscript station appears to citizens assigned to conscription stations, which, based on the results of the commission's examination, are found to be attached to military service, or at the same time not to be assigned to military service, and such that require care.

Mobilization in Ukraine

It seems that the Verkhovna Rada extended the military regime and underground mobilization in Ukraine for another three months. They will last until May 13, 2024.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the General Staff has asked to mobilize another 450-500 thousand Ukrainians. In this case, the head of the state said that there is no need to mobilize more than a million people at once.

For more details about how mobilization is taking place in Ukraine and what needs to be changed in it, read the material iali RBC-Ukraine.

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