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Ombudsman about the draft law on mobilization: the norms that are the super seal of the Constitution

The bill to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has inherent norms, What is the super seal of the Constitution. The language is about the exchange for philanthropists.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in an interview with the Supreme Head of the Supreme Court for human rights, Dmitry Lubints, which was broadcast on the telethon.

“I am committed to all processes that take place on the territory of our state and not only that, including through national and international legislation. Which bill, in my opinion, has norms that are superb there is no Constitution “I’m just talking about this, when this bill comes officially to me,” Lubinets said.

In his words, the bill may later be sent to the preparation stage before being reviewed by the relevant committee of the Radya.

The Ombudsman has ordered to carefully read the bill and “work out his concerns.”

Lubinets Rozpov, which will destroy The Constitution is of low importance, as one wants to rid one hundred percent of swindlers. Zokrema, which is used for surgery for incontinence.

“This is a direct norm of the Constitution: people cannot be deprived of their rights. Since people in official Volodya, for example, live in a house, we cannot, on an equal footing with the law, protect them from selling this house or buying another. This will directly comply with the Constitution ii. Yes, that is the norm. , which directly allows for the delineation of rights in the minds of the military camp, but which rights cannot be demarcated to infinity,” he said.

In which he added that Ukraine cannot transform into a power similar to Russia , where neither laws nor norms will be applied, and the Constitution will simply be transformed into a paternal one.

A bill on mobilization

It seems likely that on Monday, the 25th, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted a bill that aims to introduce low changes in the process mobilization.

Zokrema, we would like to protect the treatment of health care providers: to protect them from operations with indecisiveness, treatment by water transport and the recovery of water costs and other valuables.

Completely with information Dzherel RBC-Ukraine, the bill is all can still be changed or further investigated.

More details about the initiative can be found in the material from RBC-Ukraine.

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