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One of the commanders of the 3rd assault brigade “Makar” spoke about the battles for Avdeevka

The third separate assault brigade held back the enemy on one of the flanks of Avdeevka to ensure the exit of other units from the city.

One of the commanders of the 3rd assault brigade ></p>
<p>In a new video project “Ukrainian Witness” Nikolai Zinkevich with the call sign “Makar”, commander of the assault group “NC 13” of the 2nd assault battalion of the 3rd Special Brigade, spoke about the battles for Avdiivka. </p>
<p>His brigade held the Russians on one of the flanks so that other units The Armed Forces could leave. “Makar” told what happened in Avdievka, what losses the Russians suffered and whether it was possible to save the city.</p>
<p>“We had a task – to hold the defense in a certain sector in any way,” says the man. “Given everything I’ve experienced, I can’t quite believe that I managed to emerge unharmed.” </p>
<p>“Makar” says that when the enemy learned that the 3rd Special Brigade was entering the city, he began to accumulate forces. The Russians used everything they could: equipment, aviation, KABs (guided aerial bombs), helicopters, mortars, artillery, cluster munitions and a huge number of FPV drones. </p>
<p>“The enemy surrounded us with manpower every day, attacking us 6-10 times,” the commander recalls. – And <b>manpower, “meat”, he (the enemy – ed.) had more in Avdeevka than in Bakhmut</b>. The enemy climbed 20-30 people per position.” </p>
<p>The Russians suffered huge losses. According to Makar, his brothers liquidated about 2 enemy companies in 6-7 days. </p>
<p>Forty of our fighters destroyed from 220 to 240 enemy people,” says Makar. – These are only the dead. The 3rd Brigade itself was stretched over a long distance. According to confirmed data, thanks to the work of our brigade, the Russians lost about one and a half thousand people killed and three to four thousand wounded.” </p>
<p>Some fighters of the 3rd Special Brigade during the battles in Avdeevka particularly distinguished themselves. </p>
<p>“For the guy with the call sign “Yellow” this was his first combat appearance,” says Makar. – He has about forty destroyed enemies, including the commander of the reconnaissance group. “Yellow” worked as a grenade launcher, machine gunner, marksman, even as a position commander. </p>
<p>Makar also noted a soldier with the call sign “Koda”, who evacuated more than 50 wounded and shell-shocked.</p>
<p>According to the commander of the assault group, the withdrawal of our troops from Avdeevka was the only correct decision. </p>
<p>“We already lost a lot of people in this war,” he says. “In this case, nothing would have saved Avdiivka.”</p>
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