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Open season. The fathers were given instructions on how to protect their children from danger

It’s warmer in Ukraine today and the opening season is just around the corner. The Ukrainians were told how to protect their children from the danger of falling out of harm's way.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this after sending a message to the police in the Kiev region.

Police officers recommend that their fathers stay safe There are rules to help children lie Their life and health:

  • never leave the child unseen in a room with a damaged or unprotected window;
  • do not place objects outside the window that the child could climb into on the pidvіnnnya;
  • do not allow ditin by pydvikonnі;
  • get on the vikna Zakhisni Eleemeni (castle, mocking the vіdkrivannya);
  • Muscovite not to stem the ditin vid Padinnya ;
  • do not want the child until the end of the day and do not force him in her presence;
  • tell the child that climbing onto the ceiling is not safe. Give arguments.

How to make windows safe for children

Instances of injury to children through opening or not completely closing the windows, unfortunately, are not uncommon, and sometimes the stench leads to tragedy. And even non-turbocharged, drinkable little ones, not knowing their faces, without fear reaching up to the porch to watch out for what is happening on the street. The risk of such a threat especially increases in the warm season.

It is important to respect the simple, but important rules that fathers follow in order to make the windows in the apartment safe for children – read the material.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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