• 13/06/2024 17:29

Over the course of a week, demining teams cleared about 5,000 explosive items.

A total of 362 demining teams worked.

During the week, demining teams cleared almost 5,000 explosive objects

Demining the field

During the week, demining teams cleared almost 6,000 hectares. During the week of work, 4,830 explosive objects were seized and neutralized.

This was reported to the Ministry of Defense.

“362 demining teams of the Ministry of Defense units continue to clear the liberated regions of Ukraine from explosive remnants of the war,” it says . in the message.

Over the last week (from April 26 to May 3, 2024) the following were surveyed and cleared:

  • 5,716.55 hectares of area;
  • 5,571.4 hectares of farmland;
  • 11.74 km of roads;
  • 3.76 km of railways;
  • 31.86 km of power lines.< /li>

In a week, demining teams neutralized almost 5,000 explosive items

Demining in a week

The work is carried out using special equipment for mechanized demining.

In total, sappers from units of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine discovered and destroyed 348,184 explosive remnants of war.

De-occupied Kherson region they plan to clear the mines by the end of 2025. In total, 1,100 sappers work there.


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