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Pension insurance. How to continue the contract: instructions from the Pension Fund

Those who want to take a voluntary part from the system of illegal-language sovereign pension insurance can be defeated new contracts for 2024 r_k.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this via submission to the government portal.

The Pension Fund explained how to enter into new agreements for the continuation of the payment of voluntary contributions for 2024 r_k in the system of the federal government pension insurance.

For which you need to catch up on the steps:

  • Go to the special account on the web portal of electronic services of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.
  • On the dashboard in the “Communications” section from PFU” select the “Voluntary participation agreement” option.
  • Fill in the details of the person for whom you plan to pay voluntary contributions. If you want to pay the deposits for yourself, select the option “I want to pay the deposits for myself”, and the form fields will be filled in automatically. Click the “Sign and Pay” button.
  • You can find out about the range of agreements you have signed and the date of their signing in the “Voluntary agreements” section.
  • By clicking on the icon with a bank card, you can reverse the payment method for the voluntary deposit (online and form a payment order) and make payment.

Pensions for 2023

Guess it’s the middle size pensions for the 2023 period increased by 762.66 hryvnia or by 16.5% to 5,385.25 hryvnia. At the same time, the official inflation rate in Ukraine for 2023 reached close to 5%.

The main increase in pensions in 2023 occurred during the hour of indexation, which passed z 1 bereznya.

For the data of the PFU, More than half of Ukrainians have their pensions increased to 4 thousand hryvnia. Pensions of more than 10 thousand hryvnia were paid to 1.15 million Ukrainians.

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