• 19/04/2024 11:35

Pishov in the mountains on the cob of sichnya. In the Carpathians, they've been looking for a Frenchman for a while now

In the Carpathian region, the joke-ritual robots of the giant of France are trembling, like a pishov in the mountains to begin where today .

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with dispatches to the State Service of the Supervisory Situations of Ukraine.

Currently, the ritualists of the Vorokhtyansk girsky sound-ritual department and the post “Zaroslyak” are surrounded directly to Gover Lyanskogo waterfall, zokrem the valley below the waterfall and the foothills of the Overgrowth and the Breskul Mountains, as well as the plot above the waterfall up to the beginning, and the couloir itself above the waterfall between the Goverla Mountain and the Breskul Mountain.

Prote with the length of the ritual operation the man did not knew.< /p>

According to the ritualists, the continuation of sound work in the direction of the Tsibulnik tract – the Pozhizhevska valley is planned for tomorrow, 21st day.

I guess, on the 12th day before the Yaremche ritualists, a notification was received from a representative of the French Embassy ii in Ukraine about those who are the inhabitants of France, in the period from 3 to 6 today, planned to build a convergence from Vorokhta to Mount Goverla.

Guess what, even at the beginning of this day it became known that the Poles got lost in the Carpathians after they subjugated Hoverla. They were discovered by the ritualists.

We also wrote that in Transcarpathia the ritualists found two tourists who had gotten lost in the mountains.

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