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Plan B for Ukraine: The Pentagon is weighing the possibility of sending Kyiv weapons from its own stockpiles

The Department of Defense was hesitant to do this without a guarantee of compensation from Congress, but the inaction of the House of Representatives forces us to look for new solutions.

Plan B for Ukraine: The Pentagon weighs the possibility /></p>
<p> < p>The Pentagon has about $4 billion that it can spend on aid for Ukraine, but this requires using weapons from its own stockpile without a guarantee of compensation from Congress – something the department has not previously decided to do.</p>
<p>However, According to CNN sources, the Defense Department is considering such a scenario. Given the dire situation on the battlefield in Ukraine and the indecisiveness of the House of Representatives, the Pentagon is seriously thinking about Plan B, one of which is to use its own stockpiles. Officials assess the risks, because they are trying not to harm their own defense capabilities. </p>
<p>Pentagon representatives told reporters that a decision has not yet been made, but in any case, preference in the future aid package will be provided by ammunition, the shortage of which is acutely felt in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.</p>
<li> Earlier in The Pentagon stated that they were waiting for a decision from Congress to quickly begin supplying weapons to Ukraine. Without approval of the bill on secure financing, not only the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but also the command of the US Army in Europe may be left without money and weapons. /li> </ul>
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