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Poland has slowed down its investigation into the missile crash near Przewoduwa, – ZMI

Poland has slowed down the investigation into the tragedy of a rocket explosion near the border village of Przewodow I, what happened on the 15th of leaf fall 2022 The hour is approaching the massive military attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. Then, two people died.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via RMF FM.

Following the data, the investigation was slowed down “through any connection with the side of Ukraine” They This tragedy has now been explained.”

As the Polish prosecutor's office learned, the solution was praised “for the connection with the long-term change in the further provadzhenniya, which lies in the awakened Vikonnya” and about international legal assistance.”

It is clear that delayed progress may mean the impossibility of restoring the situation of this situation.

It also appears that, according to the findings of Polish spies, a Ukrainian PPO missile was launched in d hour of massive Russian missile shelling.

Tragedy near Przewodów

It is remembered that on the 15th of November 2022, under the hour of Russia’s massive wind attack on the infrastructure of Ukraine, a rocket hit the territory of the Polish Przewodów, killing two people.

After what In the United States and Poland, there was concern that a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile defense missile landed near Przedow. However, the Ukrainian side announced that it would look into the Russian missile itself and called for its fate to be brought to an end in the investigation.

At the site of the missile crash in Poland, Ukrainian experts also worked.

Dodamo , Polish experts confirm that the rocket, which killed two people during the fall of the leaves in 2022 in Poland, was launched by Ukraine.

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