• 28/05/2024 01:05

Polish protesters plan to shut down the Korcheva-Krakovets emergency situation for two days.

Trucks will pass one per hour.

Polish protesters plan to block the Korcheva-Krakovets emergency situation for two days

:00 years. 04/18/2024 to 09:00 a.m. 04/20/2024, to stop traffic at the Korcheva-Krakovets checkpoint for trucks entering Ukraine.

The State Customs Service informs about this.

“According to the Polish side, a blockage is probably planned cargo entry into Ukraine from 09.00.2024 to 09.00. However, according to the message, this does not apply to humanitarian and military cargo.

Also, the protesters will not restrict the movement of passenger transport. (cars, buses) in both directions >

  • Recently, Polish protesters did not allow a single truck to pass towards Poland due to the Yagdin, Rava-Russkaya and Ugrinov checkpoints. There were about 600 trucks in Poland per day.
  • However, yesterday, April 16, Polish farmers stopped blocking the movement of trucks in front of the Dolgobychuv-Ugrinov checkpoint. Registration and passage of cargo vehicles in both directions is carried out as usual. mode.


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