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Pose for the season. Stars bring fruits and berries to Ukraine, and why prices “bite”

There are more half-hearted and lame people at the stores, but the prices are high. The situation is the same with citrus fruits and bananas, since they are all imported products, which makes them more expensive. Ukrainian berries are not yet ripe. Until then, through the weather, I will end up spending a crop that will appear on the market.

Details about prices for imported fruits and berries, when the Ukrainian midday season begins, and how much you can buy – from RBC-Ukraine hotter.< /p>

During preparation, we reviewed: comments from the Ukrainian Agricultural Business Club analyst Maxim Gopka and kerivnitsa on the marketing of the wholesale market of agricultural products “Shuvar” Tetyana Popovich, tribute to the portal Nfіn and merezh of supermarkets.


  • Stars bring fruit to Ukraine and why prices are high
  • Yablukka from behind the border?
  • The berry season is just around the corner. Forecast Tsin on the semi-nunitza

to Ukrainian to take fruit that tsіni whiskey

fruit-yagіdni tree of the deprivation of the deprivation of the hibyu thabas to be transported beyond the border.

Most tropical and subtropical fruits, such as mangoes, bananas, tangerines and kiwis, are imported, since the local climate does not allow them to grow.

As noted in the commentary by RBC-Ukraine Keri attention to wholesale market marketing agricultural products “Shuvar” Tetyana Popovich, the main customers are Turkey, Ecuador, Greece, Costa Rica, Spain, and Egypt.

Citrus fruits in the police of Ukrainian stores are consumed mainly from the EU countries, Egypt, Turkey. Bananas are transported from Ecuador and Colombia, and more exotic products from Peru, Costa Rica, and Ecuador, as explained by Maxim Gopka, an analyst of the Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business (UCAB).

Remaining times in stores Polonitzo was the half -tuhini, the prose of the Pershnyani berry tacot izportni.

Expert Rospovyv, the moment of the moment is shifted to the bilshi, the semi -izhpanai. Until the end of the current year, imports will increase in the same way as in other countries of the EU, where the virus begins to increase.

Prices for half a pound of food range from 200 to 300 UAH/kg, and the quality of imported fruits is “biting”.

Before the butt, packaged lokhina in supermarkets is sold for the price: 189 UAH (capacity 125 g) – import from Spain to Silpo, 139 UAH (capacity 125 g) – import from Mexico to Novus.

Screenshot novus.online

Banani costs 69 UAH/kg at Silpo and ATB. Kiwi from 119 to 139 UAH per kilogram. Mandarins of the “murkot” variety will cost 64.95 UAH/kg at ATB, 69.99 UAH at Novus.

The price for imported Varus mango is 165.9 UAH/kg , in ATB – 166.95 UAH. The tropical fruit is sold individually in Silpo for 49.9 UAH, and in Novus a large mango will cost 79.9 UAH per piece.

Screenshot shop.silpo.ua

The high rate of import is due to a whole low level of officials.

“Prices for imported fruits are high due to logistics costs for transportation and imported goods, as well as due to instability in delivery ka mozhe buti pov' “I am a weather-savvy and economical official,” said the manager of the marketing department of the “Shuvar” market.

Yabluka from behind the border?

Apples will be deprived of the best available fruits for the wager. As a result, their price also increases.

According to the Ministry of Finance portal, the average price of 1 kilogram of apples for 1 year was 19.43 UAH, for 1 month – 20.49 UAH, and for 1 quarter of 2024 – 22.67 UAH. Among the reasons is a change in supplies from last season.

Ukrainian apples are on sale.

Screenshot atbmarket.com

Tetyana Popovich revealed that the import of apples comes from Poland and Italy, while Ukraine is now completely satisfying the domestic market with the moisture product. In these words, import commitments may grow as a result of the loss of minds for local growth.

Berry season is just around the corner. Price forecast for polunitsa

Ukrainian polunitsa will go on sale approximately in a month. The season begins in the grass and lasts until the end of summer.

According to the words of the UCAB analyst, whose fate is that the berry season will end in the middle of the grass, but the weather may be affected by the weather. years actively growing. Regardless of the early warmth, there are risks of night frosts, which flows into the production,” says Maxim Gopka.

We have noted that prices for half a day can be 10% higher, lower prices, for the same obligations of production.

Photo: vrozhay polunitsi mozhe buti nizhchim syogo rock (Getty Images)

Shuvar market expert Tetyana Popovich also revealed that losses of the berry crop through frost have already been recorded, and this can lead to an increase in prices on the local market.< /p>

Guess what, in the other half of the 2023 season, prices for half a pound in Ukraine varied from 95 UAH to 125 UAH/kg at Kiev fairs. In supermarkets – from 80 to 160 UAH/kg.

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