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Possible without direction. Ukrainians were explained how to avoid cost-free consultation with a psychiatrist

In current realities, there is often a need to consult with a specialist I will become more psychological and more capable.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this after sending a request to the National Health Service of Ukraine on Telegram.

In Ukraine, a family doctor, a psychologist or a specialist doctor can refer you to a psychiatrist. If you need help, you can go to the doctor without any help.

“First of all, you need to know: you can go to the psychiatrist without any electronic referral,” the service said.

Psychiatric consultation can be obtained in these medical deposits, which can be contracted from the National Health Service for the package “Prevention, diagnosis, precaution and treatment in outpatients.”

This may include a specialized psychiatric clinic and a rich professional Either a doctor's office or a polyclinic , where there is a necessary specialist.

“As the patient receives treatment in a hospital and control from the side of a mobile team, for which there are packages “Psychiatric care for adults and children in hospital minds” and “Psychiatric assistance for adults and children, “What we need is mobile multidisciplinary teams,” explained the NHSU.

In order to make an appointment with a specialist, just contact the doctor and make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

“Before that, try to find out more about the doctor,” the service added.

It seems likely that we were previously told how psychological help Ukrainians can refuse without harm.

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