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Problems with light, water and transport: what are the legacy of the attack on Sumi region

During these nights, Russia massively attacked the energy system of the Sumy region with “Shaheds”, trace of what's in the regional center There was still light in several areas, and critical infrastructure facilities had to be put on reserve.

What is known about the legacy of the attack on Sumi region and what the situation is like there – read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine hotter.< /p>

During the hour of preparing the material, the following were collected: tributes from the Sumy OVA, the head of the Sumy MVA Oleksiy Drozdenko, Ukrenergo, the Elektroavtotrans enterprise, the Miskvodokanal enterprise, the commander of the ZSU Military Forces Mykoli Oleshchuk.


    < li>Energy under attack: where there is no light
  • The situation with water supplies
  • What about transport
  • Background: how the Russians attacked, as the PPO did
  • < /ul> Under the attack of energy: there is no light

    As they reported in the Sumy OVA, the enemy has launched an attack on the region’s energy facilities. As a result of the Russian attack, the settlements of Sumy, Romny and Okhtirsky districts were left without electricity. Through this, critical infrastructure facilities had to be transferred to reserve life.

    “Water supplies and medicines will be provided to the reserves at all times. Also, safety points will be established in the area,” the OVA informed.

    According to Ukrenergo, the Russians damaged a high-voltage facility. Emergency robots began to emerge immediately after the alarm. The energy industry also announces that they will gradually supply light for the residents.

    “Due to the benefit of the professional activities of emergency services, energy workers, at night there was a power outage in the affected areas, and often in the city of Sumi it was restored. The work is troubling,” it seems from the Sumy OVA.

    ( Updated 10:23). The Ministry of Energy says that at the same time in the Sumy region there are no power in over 90 settlements

    As the department reported, over 400 thousand subscribers in Sumi and populated areas of the region were simultaneously destroyed through the attack. The people living in the Kharkiv region were also affected.

    “The village has been healed for a long time. The Sumy region is losing 91 settlements without any effort,” the report says.

    I'm with the water supply

    In Sumy, hourly daily water supply to Budinka microdistricts: Khimmistechka and Basiv, Kharkovskaya street, Sergei Tabali, Kholodnoyarsk brigade (SKD), Ukrainian People's Republic (Kateryny Zelenko), Starorichenskaya (General Chesnov), Mir, Bogun, Svoboda Avenue and adjacent streets .

    At 08:30, water intake sites are operating in emergency mode. Around the Pryshibsky water intake, the work of which utilities is updating through problems in the power system as a result of the attack.

    The municipal enterprise “Miskvodokanal” with its own chergoa told the people of Sum about the urgent need for a sufficient supply of water for their daily needs. Dispatch service telephone numbers: 050 407-81-10, 067 548-21-12.

    What about transport

    KP “Electroavtotrans” informs that the connection with the local power system is limited to self-powered trolleybuses on the line. Meanwhile, the Fahivs are trying to stop everything, otherwise they will ruin the situation.

    Background: why the Russians attacked, as the PPO asked

    It is clear that these nights in the lower regions of Ukraine there was alarm, just before the hour in Sumy There were a lot of vibrations. Having outpaced the Ukrainian ZSU forces, the Russian army yesterday decided to launch kamikaze drones across Ukraine. The enemy attacked directly from the ground, stopping 13 “Shaheds”.

    “On May 6, 2024, the Russian occupiers attacked from the ground directly with 13 attack UAVs of the Shahed-131/136 type (launch area – Kursk region. – RF.),” wrote the commander of the ZSU Povitryan forces, Mykola Oleshchuk.

    According to Oleshchuk’s words, the PPO forces managed to shoot down 12 drones – all of them were destroyed in the Sumy region, but not without damage.< /p>

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