• 14/04/2024 16:45

Radio Liberty: Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down Russian Su-34 over Kherson region

Eyewitnesses from the scene claim that the plane crashed in the Genichesk region.

Radio Liberty: Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a Russian Su-34 over the Kherson region

Su-34 aircraft with an X-5 missile Radio Liberty claims that a Russian Su-34 aircraft, which on the evening of February 23 was shelling the south of Ukraine with guided missiles, crashed in the Genichesk region of the Kherson region. An alleged video from the crash site has been released.

The information is confirmed with reference to a source in the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the Crimean Wind Telegram channel, which published the chronology of the flight. It is alleged that at 22:20 the enemy aircraft disappeared from radar at an altitude of about 2000 meters. Fire trucks and ambulances began to arrive at the suspected crash site.

Both sources cite the work of the Ukrainian Armed Forces as the cause of the crash.

  • The Forces officially reported that the military was investigating the fate of the Russian plane from which two X-59 missiles were fired. defense of southern Ukraine.


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