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Real wages of Ukrainians have been growing for three quarters since: NBU named two decisions

A strong economy and high inflation have driven up the growth of real wages from the 2nd quarter of 2023 (according to official data from the State Statistics Service). Real wages have increased not only in budget payments, but also in the resources of enterprises.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in its reports on the Macroeconomic and Monetary Review of the NBU (until 2024).

For According to NBU estimates, wage growth was saved in the fourth quarter.

However, the increase in wages was uneven depending on the type of activity: for example, in the third quarter of 2023, the average wages in the real world in trade, IT and other VEDs exceeded the level of the third quarter of 2021 (to then until a full-scale invasion). For this reason, the lower-ranking people have lost their salaries in the following sectors: services, civil servants, education and transport, it is worth looking around.

How do they count in the NBU, budgetary payments, sekrem, military, pensions and social additional aid was deprived of your income increase domesticity.

Indirect indicators of income assessment of the population of Ukraine provide information about its growth in the real world (with adjusted inflation).

Salary forecast

According to Derzhstat data, real incomes (with inflation adjustment) in 2022 decreased by 14.1%.

According to government data, 2022 is mid-month The gross nominal salary of workers became 14,847 hryvnia, and adjusted for inflation, it decreased by 11.9%.

The government forecasts that in 2023 the nominal salary will become 18,527 hryvnia, and adjusted for inflation growth by 10 ,1%. In 2024, the salary becomes 21,809 hryvnia, and is adjusted for inflation and an increase of 8.5%.

In addition, it is clear that the salary becomes 25,732 hryvnia; in 2025, the salary becomes 30,260 hryvnia. 2026 born.

If we take the IMF forecast rate, the dollar salary of Ukrainians in 2024 will become 527 dollars and exceed the level of the pre-war 2021 (514 dollars). The 2025 birth will be 559 dollars, the 2026 birth will be 619 dollars.

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