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Residential buildings were hit and fires broke out in Kharkov – mayor

В Харькове есть попадания в жилые дома, возникли пожары – мэр

fire in Kharkov after the previous shelling, photo: Public Kharkov

On the night of December 31, explosions occurred in Kharkov and fires broke out in the city center.

Source : Suspilne Kharkov, Mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov, Chief of Police of the Kharkiv region Vladimir Timoshko, quotes Suspilne

Verbatim : “As a result of one of the explosions, a fire broke out in the center of Kharkov, reports a Public correspondent. Earlier, the Air Force reported that Russian drones were approaching the city.”

Details : Suspilna also reported at least 4 explosions in the city.

Updated : Later, the mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, reported that Kharkov was under attack by the “Shaheds”.

Direct speech : “There have already been several arrivals in the city center. All relevant services are working. Information about the victims is being clarified.”

Details : Local publics reported three fires in the center of Kharkov.

Updated . Terekhov’s direct speech : “Several residential buildings in the city center were hit. There are fires there. All relevant services are already working on the spot. Information about the victims is now being clarified.”

Updated . Timoshko’s direct speech : “Several Russian drones were shot down over Kharkov tonight.”

Details : According to him, two hits are now known: one of the drones hit a residential building, the other hit a social infrastructure building.

As of 01:57 there is no information about the dead or wounded.

What preceded : Russian troops carried out more than 6 strikes on Kharkov on Saturday evening, there was damage to civilian infrastructure and houses, 26 casualties are known, including 2 minors and a journalist from the UK.


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