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Riots, guarantors online and supervising state: what is happening in Ecuador and what is involved here

Ecuador was rocked by renewed attacks, siege, and burying of the local TV channel TC Television. In the country, the super-government has been announced, and they also report about the first victims.

What is known about the situation in Ecuador – the material from RBC-Ukraine is lower.

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What happened

Yesterday, the 9th, a group of masked people burst into the city's TC Television studio near the town of Guyakil. Leading and other practitioners were taken into custody. The whole thing was captured live and broadcast live for about 20 minutes.

The live broadcast was almost screaming, and the attackers were gesticulating at the camera . There were almost everyone shouting “no police.”

Law enforcement captured 13 attackers, and the guards were released. According to ZMI data, two spivorobnitniks of the TV channel recovered from their injuries.

Photo : the police hunted down the evildoers who buried the TV channel (Getty Images)

What is the fuss here

The incident took place a day after a group of allegations arose. Among them is one of the most prominent gangs of drug cartels in the country, Jose Adolfo Macias (“Fito”). The leader of the Los Choneros gang received a 34-year term from La Regional for drug trafficking and trafficking.

Photo: José Adolfo Macias “Fito” (haberet com)

Los Choneros is a malicious organization, as its owners are associated with extortion, killing, drug trafficking and others evils, and also plays a role in controlling the country’s major problems.

Zokrema, a member of Los Choneros “Fito” is also involved in the assassination of Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio. Among the possible reasons for the murder is the fact that Villavicencio, who has a very good chance of winning the elections, speaking out against the drug cartels.

Supervisory State

Ecuador's President Daniel Noboa has signed on from prison a decree that conveys confusion at the edge of the supernatural camp. Noboa himself called the situation in the region a “domestic internal conflict.”

So, in Ecuador, schools were surrounded, huge gatherings were fenced off, and the streets were completely overflowing. The blame was given only to medical workers, government officials, the military, the police and other workers who ensure the vitality of the country.

The president also ordered the protection of officials and their families, A few representatives of the drug cartels raised threats against the government.

The evildoers are calling in the escalation of Noboa, who became president at the end of 2023 and launched an intensive fight against drug trafficking.

Other attacks

The attack on the television studio was not unique. The next day, after the devastation of the superintendent, four Ecuadorian policemen were kidnapped by the criminals, and in six prisons the robbery broke out.

Apparently, the criminals took over a hundred prison guards in hand and threatened to kill them Yes, I mean the territory of Vyaznitsa will be entered by the military.

There have also been recorded deposits of guarantors in other places, as they mean ZMI, where representatives of drug gangs steal from law enforcement and accuse them of stratification. It is clear that the attackers buried medicine near the town of Guayaquil, although order had already been restored.

Secuestro de policías, incendios y fugas ¿Qué está pasando en Ecuador? Abro Hilo photo > legacy of drug gang riots.

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