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“Rukh” defeated “Metalist 1925” in the UPL with several goals in a half

Lviv “Rukh” won a successful victory over Kharkiv “Metalist 1925” at 21 -mu tour Ukrainian Premier League.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with information about the result of the match.

Ukraine, Premier League, 21st round

< p>“Metalist 1925” – “Rukh” – 1:4

Goli: Imerekov, 84 – Plyuman, 18 (penalty), 36, Kvasnitsia, 20, Pidgursky, 34

Viluchennya: Roman, 50 (R, straight red card)

At the debut, the rivals exchanged troublesome victories. Lvivyanin Sich, after the Plyuman River, received from the counter. Natomist Kharkiv resident Garmash missed the goal for many meters after passing Imerekov's head.

And in front of the equator, the first half of the “Rukh” launched a subversive blow. First Pluman successfully converted the penalty kick after Farini's foul. Dali Shepherd made a great pass to Kvasnytsya in someone else's penalty area, and he sent the ball to the top.

“Metalist 1925” tried to take over the initiative, but not bring it to the point of insecurity. Getting tired by skipping another two days before the break. On the 34th line, Pidgursky pulled the ball from the center of the field and put it straight into the corner. And behind the scenes, Plyuman scored a double, finishing off Sich’s cross at the far post.

It is possible that the battle of the rulers continued even after the break. And on the 50th century, Rukh defender Roman Vikon committed a reckless foul against the Kharkiv goalkeeper. Among the minority, the Lviv residents slowed down the pace.

Prote, the numerical advantage did not bring any special dividends to Metalist 1925. Victor Skrypnyk’s team managed a number of chances. Ari Moura hit the top nine, Boryachuk's shot was parried by the keeper, and Rusin's goal was denied due to offside. The Kharkiv team only scored in the 84th season – Imerekov cold-bloodedly took the guests into the penalty area and scored within the rules.

The teams did not score again. The team overcame “Rukh”, securing the 5th place in the UPL tournament table (36 points). Tim an hour “Metalist 1925” lost the 13th position (16 points).

Before the word, previously the base of “Zori” boycotted the match against “Dynamo” through non-payment of bonuses.

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