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Russia attacked Kharkov again. Hit – in two areas, one person was killed, seven were injured

The enemy struck with controlled KABs, just like yesterday.

The Russian army struck Kharkov on the morning of April 30. There are hits in two areas of the city. As of 11:13, one person was killed and seven were injured. At first there were reports of two victims, but they were not confirmed, the city mayor said.

“Arrivals” – in the Kiev and Kholodnogorsk regions for civilian objects. The head of the OVA, Oleg Sinegubov, reported this on Telegram.

“Civilian infrastructure was hit. Strikes were recorded near a park area. The number of victims is being determined,” he said.

Ukrzaliznytsia reported that their employee, a gauge fitter, had died. Another railroad was injured. ⠀

“This is another targeted attack by the enemy on civilian railway infrastructure,” Ukrzaliznytsia reported.

The first data was about one dead and two wounded – all in the Kholodnogorsk region. Subsequently, the OVA clarified that the number of deaths had increased to two, and the number of injured to six, but did not specify the region. However, then the information about the second victim, fortunately, was not confirmed.

Kharkov Mayor Igor Terekhov added that in the Kiev region, like yesterday, there was a hit in a residential area.

By As of 10:19, the threat of using guided bombs still remained.

Consequences of the attack on Kharkov < /p>

The Russians fired at two districts of the city

After 13 hours, the State Emergency Service reported that in the Kiev region the explosion damaged administrative buildings and more 40 private garages – a fire broke out in three. Three cars were damaged, six more were damaged. Rescuers quickly extinguished the fire.

In the Kholodnogorsk region, an enemy bomb caused destruction in two civilian buildings.

  • Yesterday, the Russians attacked the Kiev district with a bomb
  • There was a hit near a shelter containing animals rescued from a combat zone. One employee was injured. The animals are intact, but under stress.


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