• 22/04/2024 19:57

Russia is continuing its offensive near Avdiivka, – NYT

Russia's offensive near Avdiivka is abating after Swedish successes. Ukraine has hidden significant forces to defend the area, and the Russian troops are attacking in open fields with little cover.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via correspondence with The New York Times.

After the burial The army of the Russian Federation of the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka three years ago, Kiev and its allies were afraid that the military would gain cover and could quickly penetrate strategic nodes and settlements. After the strong successes of the present day, the Russian attacks were reduced to about three hundred forces.

Vyskov experts name a number of factors that contribute to the drying up:

    < li>mastiousness, not suitable for offensive operations ;
  • the rise of Russian armies after months of fighting;
  • the Ukrainian army, which sent significant forces to protect the region.

According to the latest press, Russia is still maintaining initiative on the battlefield, and Ukrainian analysts confirm that they have all the strength Ukrainians can still break through defense lines through the weakening of the defense forces and the availability of American military assistance.

Protestant combat operations turned into inconclusive battles “back and forth”, which were characteristic of most battles on the front line. Good fate, go to your friend.

“The burial of Avdiivka did not lead to the collapse of the Ukrainian lines, the possibility for the Russians to enter open territory or achieve great successes,” said Thibault Fouille, the intercessor of the director of the US Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies.

Over the last 10 days, Moscow began to drown just a little more than a square kilometer of land. Their fighters were lost in battle near the villages of Berdychi, Orlivka and Tonenke.

“Russian troops are trying to push forward, vikory and small assault groups of lust, but they are aware of the obvious discovery locality as we approach Avdiivka,” the analyst said Black Bird Group Pasi Paroinen

Guess what, ISW experts from their contacts informed about the situation of the Ukrainian Defense Forces on various directions to the front and showed updated maps of combat operations. Zokrem, the Ukrainian army is streaming Russian assaults and is losing positions in the Krynok area, and the enemy is able to push its way past Avdiivka and Kreminna.

Terminovy ​​and important information about the war Read Russia versus Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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