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Russia is likely to carry out the initial phase of the offensive operation on the outskirts of Kharkov, – ISW

Russian troops are sure to carry out the initial phase of the offensive operation on Evening from Kharkov, as it may be connected For operational purposes, in order to achieve a strategic effect, the withdrawal of Ukrainian manpower and equipment from other critical front lines in Ukraine is important to analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via correspondence with ISW .

The Russian military created two borders in this area: one on the outside from Kharkov in the direction of Liptsiv and one on the outside from Kharkiv near Vovchanska. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that Russian armored assault groups tried to break through the Ukrainian defenses near Vovchansk early in January 10th, and that fighting in that area continued after the Ukrainian And the forces defeated the Russian assaults.

Russian and Ukrainian officials confirmed that the Russian military also began an assault with great desire between Strylecha and Zeleny.

Geolocation footage confirms that the Russians The soldiers began to rush to Pilna and popped up in the afternoon outside the settlement, write ISW.

Russian soldiers insist that the Russian troops also buried Stritech, Krasne and Borisivka.

Data from NASA Fire Information for Resource Management (FIRMS) as of April 10 indicate that significant fighting is likely to have occurred in and around many communities. “ISW evaluates with high reliability, relying on reliable Ukrainian sources and transferring evidence that the Russian troops buried Stritech, Krasne and Borisivka, without yet guarding the geoloc valuable confirmation of this assessment,” says the star.

Russian milbloggers They also confirmed that the Russian troops buried Zelena, Ogirtseve and Khatishche (offense at the entry from Vovchanska), although ISW did not know the confirmation of these statements.

ISW assesses that Russian forces have penetrated directly to Vovchanska, but have not provided enough evidence to assess the close trace of the front line in the immediate vicinity.

Ukrainian officials reported that they were fighting near Krasny, Morokhovetsya (at the evening gathering Liptsіv), Oliynikova (at the beginning of Liptsiv) and Khatishcha.

It seems that, according to Reuters data, the occupiers have penetrated one kilometer beyond the border town of Vovchansk.

The General Staff of the ZSU confirms that counterattack approaches are being made near the settlements of Liptsi and Vovchansk. There are fighting for the settlements in the border area, which actually took place in the gray zone – Strilecha, Pilne and Borisivka, as well as in the area of ​​Oliynikovo and Ogirtsevo.

Report on the situation – from RBC-Ukra ina.

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