• 12/07/2024 19:29

Russia launched North Korean ballistic missiles against Ukraine nine times, – US at UN

The Russian Federation has launched ballistic missiles across the territory of Ukraine nine times and missiles produced in Southern Korea.< /p>

This was stated by the advocate of the permanent representative of the United States to the UN, Robert Wood, informing RBC-Ukraine of his requests to the meeting for the sake of Security.

“Russia and the DPRK are guilty of bearing responsibility for their actions that fuel the rich supply Ultimate goiters “Responsibility for UN Security Resolutions. These illicit supplies and the potential for technology transfer from Russia to the DPRK support regional stability and the global security regime, as well as trust in Security,” Wood said.

The US Ambassador is also Having established that Russia is the only aggressor in this war, Moscow can end it today.

“However, the news will again be a serious demonstration of the commitment of Put And in a peacefully regulated war, Ukraine will continue to search for a fair and What is important to the world is consistent with the principles of the UN Statute,” said Wood.

Supplies of military equipment from the DPRK to Russia

Old Korea is an ally of Russia in the war against Ukraine and provides military assistance to the aggressor.

For example late spring and late ZMI reported that Pyongyang is supplying Moscow with 152-mm artillery shells and Katyusha-type missiles.

Recent journalists reported that Pyongyang had transferred millions of artillery to the Russian military any shells.

At the chest 2023 Coordinator for National Security of the White House John Kirby stated that Russia purchased ballistic missiles from the DPRK with an impact range of up to 900 kilometers. Following his words, they have already been chosen for attacks on Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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