• 22/04/2024 05:42

Russia moves its ship repair bases from Crimea

Russians are moving their ship repair bases from Crimea to Taman.

Russia is moving its ship repair bases from Crimea

The Russians are moving their ship repair bases from Crimea to Taman, perhaps to Novorossiysk.

The partisan movement “ATESH” informs about this.

Agents of “ATESH” record the movement of Russian ship engines from Crimea towards Taman.

Probably, the occupiers are strengthening their repair capabilities military ships in Novorossiysk, where the Black Sea Fleet base is now located.

The reason for this is the successful strikes of the Ukrainian Defense Forces on military targets in Crimea.

“We are confident that the Black Sea Fleet will turn into a river swamp flotilla. Or it will be completely destroyed,” adds ATESH.

Losses of Russian ships

    < li>On March 5, near the Kerch Strait, the Defense Forces destroyed the Russian ship Sergei Kotov. On July 25, “Kotov” was already attacked, but then it was not possible to sink it. It was also attacked in September – it was carried out by GUR specialists using Magura naval drones.
  • On February 14, the General Staff confirmed the destruction of the large Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov. This is one of the newest Russian ships. It was also hit by Magura drones.
  • Previously it was also reported that out of 13 large landing ships of the Black Sea Fleet, 5 remained in service.


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