• 22/04/2024 21:54

Russian occupiers are forced to change priorities for air defense systems in Crimea, – Gumenyuk

This happened after effective Ukrainian strikes on military targets in Crimea.

Russian infidels are forced to change priorities for air defense systems in Crimea, - Gumenyuk

The teams deployed their air defense systems in the temporarily occupied Crimea after Ukraine launched a number of effective attacks on military targets on the territory of the peninsula.

The head of the joint press center of the Operational Command “South” Natalya Gumenyuk spoke about this.< /p>

The air defense system of the Crimean peninsula was deployed very powerful. The enemy, realizing that he has accumulated considerable resources there and future replenishment of forces for the units that are now involved in combat work along the combat line on mainland Ukraine, they are really trying to defend themselves quite powerfully. But our combat work was so effective that they now have to measure new priorities for the placement of air protection systems,” Gumenyuk noted.

She emphasized that the Crimean Bridge is a priority for protection, since it is one of the main logistics transport arteries. Also, the Russians continue to defend the Sevastopol Bay associated with the loading of Caliber.

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“And they also still have two priority objects there – these are sites for launching Shahed-type UAVs – this is Cape Chauda and not far from Balaklava. In addition, on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea there are still quite a lot of aviation infrastructure facilities that the enemy uses to base tactical aviation and preserve certain property,” added Gumenyuk.

In addition, the press secretary said that the grain corridor works depending on the operational situation, but there are no critical threats to its activities yet.

  • After the destruction of the command post in Crimea, the enemy found itself in emergency reformatting mode, because the defeat near Sevastopol literally paralyzed the defense system of the entire Crimea.
  • Air Force Commander Nikolai Oleshchuk confirmed a hit on the Saki airfield in Crimea on Telegram.
  • Ukrainian defenders hit Russian ammunition depots in temporarily occupied Crimea.
  • On December 26 at night, the Defense Forces destroyed the Russian large landing ship Novocherkassk.


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