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Russian offensive on Kup'yansk: ISW experts assessed the prospects

In the near future, Russian troops can activate their efforts from the Kup'yan burial all Kharkiv region and accumulate in this areas are necessary due to the magnitude of the grouping of forces. However, at the moment the Russian Federation cannot in this region achieve large-scale consolidation for such an offensive.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with a request to the Institute of Foreign War (ISW).

As it is believed, the Russian forces are willing to intensify operations on the Kupyansky direct with the aim of reaching territorial gains from those most significant in the operationally related areas, and less in other areas , which the Russian troops are now trying to kill.

The Institute's experts rely on statements from Ukrainian officials that in the winter of 2024 the Russian army plans to enter Kup'yansk and Borowa (35 km at the entrance to Svatovoye). The burying of these places by Russia would undoubtedly have made it difficult for Ukrainian forces to withdraw from the drainage bank of the Oskol River near the Kharkov region and would have paved the way for Russia's upcoming offensive operations in the region. nіi Kup’yansk-Svatove-Kreminna.

At the same time, ISW noted that at the time of writing, Russian forces apparently have not accumulated enough forces in the Belgorod region to encourage the beginning of large-scale offensive operations in the Northern and Northern Territories. in some areas of the Kharkiv region.

Ground offensive 15th day < p>You also knew the publication of the British edition of The Telegraph on the 4th of today, in which the “closeness” to the Ukrainian military unknowns revealed that the Russian military could possibly start “ground the offensive has already begun on the 15th of today.

However, the river commander of the command of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Volodymyr Fito, stated that the Ukrainian troops are not afraid of changes at the Russian military depot near the Kharkiv region and on the territory of Russia, between the Kharkiv region. And adding that the Russians will continue their offensive against Sinkivka by burying Kup’yanska.

The head of the Kharkiv region Oleg Sinegubov noted that the Russian troops are not concentrated in the region in preparation for a large-scale offensive, and the intensity of Russian attacks on the Kupyansky direct has decreased through the last three days wash it. Sinegubov noted that the Russian armies are fighting to increase the pace of action, causing bad weather minds, to transfer reinforcements to the front line, as well as to prepare and coordinate sub-units.

“The comments of Fito and Sinegubova are consistent with the ISW assessment that the Russian troops can carry out offensive actions, rather than risk a full-scale offensive operation for the obvious consolidation of forces on the Kupyansky direct. Ymov It’s true, the Russian troops carried out a progressive increase in forces, and Ukrainian officials also reported , so that by the end of 2023, the Russian military has accumulated over 100 thousand in a special warehouse on the Kupyansky and Limansky direct routes,” the Institute of Military War suggested.

The situation at the front in the Kharkiv region і

For days, commander of the Ground Forces ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky has confirmed that the Russian Federation will continue intensive offensive operations on Kup'yansky directly and regroup on Limansky.

The ZSU does not turn off that Putin's army wants to take Kup'yansk, but will go to it in the near future Wow, right away from last night, in order to conquer as a springboard for a further attack.

In addition, the Russian Federation, at any price, wants to seize Sinkivka in the Kharkov region, as it wishes to conquer its intentions to enter Kup'yansk.

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