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Russian paratroopers recognize the daily costs of the Kherson region, – ISW

Newly formed 337th Airborne Regiment (104th Airborne Division them vyysk ZS RF), continues to recognize the waste of the village of Krinki on the left birch of the Kherson region.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a letter to the Institute of Warfare (ISW).

It is clear that the material One of the Russian military servicemen recorded a video, in which she said that recently, during the hour of fighting near Krynoy, the entire first company of the 337th regiment was depleted.

The woman added that the military servicemen, who act directly on whom, do not have effective care on par with the commanders of the Middle Lanka, they reject artillery support, and they spend 20 days And after sleeping in the trenches without water and other means of safety. Vaughn completed her brutality to the Russian command not to vikorist and rear the regiment in the yakost of “harmonious meat”.

Soldiers do not obey

The ISW also reports that the commander of the Airborne Forces (PDV), Colonel General Mikhailo Teplinsky and the Russian command of the PDV are also facing problems of insubordination among the troops of the 104th Division.

Russian Opposition Not seen before Mobilization News expanded the video from the 24th chest, which shows how the Russian commander is punishing many fighters of the newly created 345th regiment of the 104th division of the PDV for illegal punishment, exterminating them at night until they are completely without clothes.

The 345th regiment of the PDV was assigned to operate under the command of Teplinsky at the warehouse of the Russian grouped military “Dnipro”, which is currently completing combat missions in modern Ukraine. Video frames of the punished fighters indicate that Teplinsky may be faced with problems of rebellion due to the expenditure of the MDV on the river Dnieper, or through inadequacy and insufficient training of soldiers and their young officers have this place.

Current expenses of the Russian occupation forces

Forces The defense will take up positions on the left birch of the Dnieper in the Kherson region. Near Krynok there are positional battles.

On Friday, the 22nd, the Ukrainian military shot down three Russian Su-34s at full speed. In this manner, the soldiers warned the aggressor to launch a nightly attack by drones in front.

The command of the ZSU learned that the culprits could have attacked the American Patriot anti-aircraft missile system.

The military detainees will quickly pass away due to aircraft Well, the activity and the destruction of aircraft bombs after the decline of Russian Su-34s in Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram. /p>

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