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Russian PPO operators will be punished for Ukrainian drone attacks on oil refineries, – ATES

Military services of the Russian Army from the PPO children are punished for success Ukrainian drone attacks on oil refineries. Warfare radars simply do not turn on drones.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from messages sent to the Telegram of the partisan movement “ATESH”.

The agent of the movement indicates that the Russian forces of the PPO recognize serious difficulties in the fight with drones due to the lack of efficiency of radar stations in recognizing such objects – the stink is simply not to be ignored. This factor significantly complicates the prompt response and counteraction to Ukrainian drones.

“In regions where the potential targets for attacks have been developed, the civilian population is subject to the insecurity of software systems. It is understood that the counteraction to threats is effective today, local residents feel overwhelmed and hopeless, It creates a tense situation and requires close calls from the side of the government to ensure security. protection of the civilian population,” says the new government.

Looking at the situation, they say in “ATESH”, the commanders are continuing the creation of mobile groups of the Swedish response, the attack of Ukrainian unmanned vehicles on oil refineries, demonstrating the lack of preparation and the lack of understanding in effective stagnation of such groups. The armored forces of the Russian Federation are in no doubt comparable to the Ukrainian Defense Forces, which are now successfully demonstrating their effectiveness in countering the drones of Iranian warfare.

“However, regardless of these difficulties, the leadership of the PPO units is experiencing harsh approaches to the military servicemen: a reduction in military rank, an imposition of pressure, and, in extreme cases, the possibility of being sent to the war in Ukraine “This creates additional tension and stress among military servicemen,” they say in “ ATESH.”

Attacks on oil refineries in Russia

Over the past few years, the Ukrainian Defense Forces, in addition to drones, have carried out strikes on 12 Russian oil refineries.

The attacks resulted in the failure of at least 10% of Russian efforts. ї naphtha refineries. According to the British Ministry of Defence, Russia is unlikely to be able to seize all its refineries in the face of Ukrainian attacks.

On the night of February 23 at the Novokuybishevsky refinery near the Samara region, which is part of the Rosneft group, there were bruises and the burning sensation was burning . RosZMI wrote that the plant was never attacked by drones.

After the incident, the refinery shut down one of its two primary processing units, having lost half its capacity.

The head of the Presidential Office, Mikhailo Podolyak, stated that Ukraine did not reject calls from the side of the United States until the launch of attacks on Russian oil refineries, as American politicians wrote about it.

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