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Russian troops have withdrawn to an American airbase in Nigeria, – Reuters

Russian military services have gone to an airbase in Nigeria, where American troops.

< p>RBC-Ukraine reported this to Reuters.

An anonymous high-ranking representative of the American defense department reported that Russian military personnel had gone to an airbase in Nigeria, American troops will be deployed. This was the result of the decision of the Niger junta to expel American troops from the country.

Officers in charge of the West African country asked the United States to withdraw at least 1,000 military personnel from the country , which before the last coup was Washington’s key partner in the fight against the rebels, that killed thousands of people and forced millions of people to leave their homes.

It soon became clear that the Russian troops do not laugh with the American ones, but rather occupy the adjacent hangar at airbase 101, which is located near the international airport named after Dior Hamani in Niamey, Niger.

This time the Russian military forces should be placed in front of the American ones Russian troops are in close proximity at a time when military and diplomatic superiority between the countries is increasingly baked into the conflict in Ukraine.

The United States and its allies were hesitant to withdraw troops from the low African countries after the coups that brought to power groups that were reluctant to distance themselves from the advancing forces.

In addition to the upcoming withdrawal from Nigeria , American troops also deprived Chad of their remaining days, at the same time as the French troops were expelled from Mali and Burkina Faso.

The situation in Africa

It is likely that we reported that the United States of America is spending its influx and ties with the countries Africa. This may soon be the case for Russia, which at this time will strengthen its presence on the African continent.

Recently, the United States has been concerned about a change of pace regarding the withdrawal of its military forces from Niger. Last year, the death of Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum presided over a coup d'état. Their actions were also supported by a dozen other African countries.

The ZMI has also expanded its information so that Russia will sign about the military spying in six more countries Africa.

Around this, it is clear that the Russian Federation recruited residents of African countries for the war in Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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