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Russians advance near Avdiivka and on the left birch in the Kherson region: ISW maps

The Institute of Foreign War (ISW) confirmed the entry of Russian troops near Avdija Vki and on the similar (left) birch of the Dnieper in the Kherson region on aphids continued the 1st round of positional battles across the entire line of closure.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through communications with ISW.

Operation No. 1 – Lugansk region

Pid Kreminna 1st quarter was dominated by positional battles, and there were no confirmed changes in the front line at the Kup'yansk – Svatove – Kreminna line.

Positional battles took place at the entrance to the Kreminnaya Bela of Terniv and at the afternoon – to the Bilogorivka Bela.

ISW previously warned that the Russian troops were vacillating between attacks on the Kupyansky and Kreminny directions in order to maintain a steady offensive pressure on the Ukrainian troops that are defending each other. nii.

Operation No. 2 – Donetsk region

Russian authorities confirmed that all the occupiers had reached out to Bakhmut ah, but ISW doesn’t know anything visual confirmation of these affirmations.

Geolocation footage, published on the 1st quarter, showed the remains of a recent attack by Russian armored vehicles on Ivanivska (between Bakhmut and Chasovy Yar). One of the Russian bloggers confirms that the occupiers spent 5-6 units of armored vehicles during attacks near Ivanivskoye over the past few days.

The Russian military recently confirmed the attack on the previous entry and exit from Avdiivka. On the geolocation frames published on 31 February, it is clear that their birds poked their way along Gagarina Street in Vodyanoye and reached the entrance to the settlement.

Geolocation frames published in the past od z 30 bereznya for 1 quarter, confirm that the Russians The soldiers were trying to get out of their way as they entered Thinnky.

A prominent Russian blogger complained that the promotion of occupiers near the Avdiivka area is respected by incompetent Russian commanders of a tactful level, who are more concerned with the promotion of their careers, And they protect their people.

Positional combat actions 1st quarter were trivial for entry and exit from Donetsk, However, there were no confirmed changes on the front line at this time.

Fighting took place on the approach to Donetsk in the area of ​​Krasnogorivka and Georgiyivka and on the final approach to Donetsk in the area of ​​Novomikhaylivka and Po Bedi.

Positional battles also affected the border of the Donetsk-Zaporizk region i, confirmed changes The front line is not fixed.

Positional battles took place:

  • to the exit from Vodyany (Bil Vugledar);
  • Bil Velyka Novosilka;
  • li>

  • Blya Urozhayny and Staromayorsky (offense at the Great New Year Day).

“It's all true”

Russian troops woke up at the end of the Zaporizhzhya region, but there were no confirmed changes on the front line.

Positional battles took place near Robotiny and on the day before go to Verbovoy.

Geolocation frames, published on 31 Bereznya, indicate those that the Russian armies have slightly slipped into the field from the view of the Cossack Camps (3 km from the Dnieper River on similar to the birch of the Kherson region), although it is very difficult to reach the remaining profit.

Russian and Ukrainian forces reported the continuation of the fighting at Krinki.

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