• 23/06/2024 01:27

Russians destroyed two schools and kindergartens in Kherson

Another 26 educational institutions are in critical condition.

The Russians destroyed two schools and kindergartens in Kherson

shelling of Kherson schools

The Russian army completely destroyed 2 schools and 2 kindergartens in the Kherson region. Another 26 educational institutions have a critical level of destruction.

The head of the Kherson MBA, Roman Mrochko, reports this.

Russian occupiers continue to shell Kherson from the temporarily occupied left bank. Educational institutions are under enemy fire.

“To date, in the Kherson community, for almost a year and a half after the liberation, 130 educational institutions have been damaged as a result of shelling by the occupying forces, which is 193 buildings and structures, of which: 59 gymnasiums and schools, 71 kindergartens, 9 vocational education institutions, 10 – out-of-school education,” goes the message

Hits were recorded in two inclusive resource centers. Also, 14 educational institutions were damaged due to flooding caused by the Russians blowing up the dam at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric station. com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/48eec91d8efbc3a451fe1dab0a068b2f.jpg” alt=”The Russians destroyed two schools and kindergartens in Kherson” />

According to Mrochko, at the time of the full-scale Russian in Ukraine, in the Kherson city territorial community, there were 151 institutions of secondary, preschool, out-of-school and vocational education. Currently, the enemy damaged 86% of them.

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