• 24/04/2024 00:18

Russians will continue preparations for the “elections” in the occupation, forming election units, – CNS

Russians will continue preparations for holding so-called presidential “elections” in the rapidly occupied territories. Form “village election commissions.”

RBC-Ukraine reported this to the press service of the Center for National Resistance.

“One of the main tasks for the occupation administration is the completion of the formation of “farm election commissions” for the implementation of the so-called vote, which may take place in the future. Basically, the occupiers will place their “ election commissions” in the districts , yaki to put on the labits of it, ” – writing the preservation.

Tokhozh Rosiyani, can be possible to realize the“ mobile dilnits ”, yaki vijatimutimo for the Valosuvan Vybosyn. In Russia, the so-called presidential election is scheduled for the beginning of 2024. The stench continues for three days – from 15 to 17.

Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin may lose power until 2030. Moreover, the press secretary Kremlin Dmitro Peskov has already declaring that they would win over Putin with a result of 90% of the votes.

It recently became known that Russia was encouraged to register Borisova Nadezhda as a candidate for the presidential election.

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