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SBU missed the target on Prokudin: Little information about the details of the operation

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RBC-Ukraine reports this via a message sent to the Telegram channel of Dzerka Tizhnya.

Malyuk stated about the current meeting of the Congress of local and regional authorities. Khersonets organized a sweep at once with the enemy special services

“A local resident of Kherson was caught up in the 10th quarter. He organized a swing at Prokudin together with the enemy special services. From a depth of 12 km, a new image of the enemy fpv-dro was launched well,” said Malyuk .

The mister bastard was driving away the fire while he was on duty. The SBU football team was very busy at the final stage of the swing. Also, the spy squads managed to land the drone.

“In the middle of the scene, visual caution was placed on this wretch, who was involved in the drive through Prokudin's car. Everything was documented. o at the stage of the completed swing. Warsaw drone, for the rakhunok of our boys , imprisonments immediately,” said Malyuk.

Activity of the SBU

Previously, we wrote that the SBU had vindicated an involved FSB agent, who, after his release from the crime, was able to help the Russian DRGs on last night of Ukraine.

We also reported that the SBU was searching the intercessor of the head of the synodal branch of the external church connections of the UOC-MP, Archpriest Mikoli Danilevich. Later it became clear that they handed him over as a suspect.

Before the word, the SBU and NABU were hounding the intercessor of the head of the Zaporizhzhya region for the sake of trying to bribe the director of the regional medical installation.

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