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Scandalous Trumpist conspiracy theorist. Who is Tucker Carlson who interviewed Putin?

The scandalous American observer Tucker Carlson, in his familiar manner, is once again “fueling” socialism. Once again, on a trip to Russia and the upcoming publication of an interview with Volodymyr Putin, who, right from the beginning of a full-scale war, responded to the intellectual representative of the foreign press.

RBC-Ukraine roses tells about who Tucker Carlson is and why they call him “American Nightingale.”

In the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: Tucker Carlson's social media, publications Sky News, CNN, Fox News, Axios, Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, Ukrainian project ” Media detector.”


  • A short biography, career and golden hour on Fox News
  • Tucker Carlson vs Ukraine. This position is about declaring war
  • Forward in two years. What do you know about Putin's interview with “representative Sunset”

Short biography, career and golden hour on Fox News

Tucker Carlson was born on May 16, 1969 in San Francisco to the family of artist Lisa McNear and journalist and diplomat Richard Carlson, who served as director of Voice of America during the remaining six years of the Cold War. When Tucker reached the end of his life, his father separated, and in 1979 his father became friends with Patricia Swanson, a member of the large food conglomerate Swanson Enterprise. Carlson himself said that the virus was in great abundance, which could flow into this world.

Starting at a private school near San Diego, 14 years ago he was transferred to a private boarding school on the US coast near the state of Rhode Island. There, he met with the mighty squad – the daughter of the school principal, Susan Andrews. He couldn’t get into a prestigious university, and his father’s daughter accepted him into the history department at Trinity College of Humanities in Connecticut. Carlson and Andrews became friends in 1991, and the couple has four children.

I started my career in media from the position of a fact checker (verifying the reliability of facts) at the Police Review magazine. Journalism's reward was a job at The Weekly Standard newspaper, which is part of the same holding as the Fox News channel, which will become a reference mirror. For the newspaper, he wrote materials on the conservative plan for five years. During this hour, I got an interview with the former Governor of Texas, George W. Bush. After that, they started asking him for TB to play the role of an expert.

In 2000, he was called the host of the “Crossfire” program on CNN, which sympathizes with the Democrats. The format of letters in debates is based on current news between political opponents. For a few broadcasts of the show, they punished him, and Carlson was fired. The upcoming events of all ages were broadcast on the MSNBC channel.

In 2010, we created a new website – The Daily Caller, which published extensive investigations against democrats. For ten years of walking from the seat of the editor-in-chief, he still works and enters the pool of the White House. In parallel with the work of The Daily Caller, he was increasingly asked to appear on different shows on the main conservative US channel Fox News.

Photo: Tucker Carlson on Fox News (Getty Images)

In 2016, the show Tucker Carlson Tonight appeared. Carlson took over the Fox News evening prime-time slot on weekdays and quickly established himself as a key voice in Republican politics. His show became the most popular new program among the group from 22 to 54 years old, and the channel itself became the most popular among US cable networks.

Tucker took up far-right positions, supported social science theories, consistently questioned the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, equating the splintering campaign with “Nazi experiments.” In 2018, the population said that migrants were spoiling the country with “poor and brutish”, which provoked an influx of advertisers. Having criticized Black Lives Matter – a movement against police violence for blacks.

“This moment that we are experiencing could be a lot of things. Alemov is not crazy about the life of the blacks, remember this if they come for you. Respect for everything, you will definitely get rid of it,” he said in 2020 .

Until 2023, the average audience of this show was over 3 million viewers. Tucker's popularity was due to the manner in which his guests discussed topics such as gender issues, abortion, the presidential election, and so on. Time magazine has named him America's most prolific conservative in 2021.

Carlson was called out this week after parent company Fox Corp agreed to pay $787.5 million to Dominion Voting Systems, a company that operates voting machines. Tucker himself stated that there was no fraud in the 2020 elections, and in his broadcasts, Donald Trump’s lawyers and other guests directly called out Dominion. In relation to the hardening, the presenter became one of the key pieces of information, pro-Fox News responded to the favor and closed the show.

After Tucker left, he relaunched on Twitter (social media X), steadily gaining millions of views. However, it was necessary to withdraw the lead from Fox due to the possibility of closing the program due to violation of the contract, which means that the rights to Tucker Carlson Tonight will remain on the channel until the end of 2024. A look at the participation of lawyers in the file.

He is a converted Republican, Trumpist, anti-abortion and abortion control. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has not been condemned, but Moscow’s arguments are regularly pushed through. Because of this, Russian propaganda has become a priority. Zokrem, the robot you were promoted by Russia Today and propagandist Volodymyr Solovyov.

Tucker Carlson vs Ukraine. His position and statement about the war

Even before the great war, Tucker Carlson spoke out against the increased respect for Ukraine and kidnapped Volodymyr Putin. Before the invasion, they called the threat of a Russian attack overpowered. In broadcasts on Fox News, he said that President Joe Biden, having drawn the Americans into a war without fear, was inspired by the fight against the “corrupt order.”

“Ukraine is not a democracy. The President of Ukraine arrested his main political opponent (obviously, it was about Viktor Medvedchuk – ed.). He also closed newspapers and TV channels that dared to criticize him. Also, using American terms, you they would call Ukraine a tyranny. Joe Biden deserves Ukraine. Putin is trash, war is good,” Carlson said.

Some cliches of Russian propaganda migrated to this show. In recent years, they have produced narratives about “the coup in Ukraine directed by Victoria Nuland” in 2014, as well as about “American biolabs,” calling the Ukrainian authorities a puppet of Washington, opposing the transfer of blame Schuvachiv from Poland. And by promoting the theory that the United States will encourage the war, millions of Ukrainians will not become refugees. What can you hear from the Russian marker “war until the last Ukrainian”.

Photo: Tucker Carlson does not directly address Russian propaganda, but rather consistently broadcasts his message as if it were the American position (Getty Images)

“The stink of everything (White House, – ed.) is lying to you… It is true that it is unpatriotic, because true patriotism is a turbo about Ukraine first. And before speaking, a turbo about Ukraine means the continuation of the crooked war until then, the whole country I won't impoverished, and millions of Ukrainians will not become refugees,” – they turned into peepers.

These ethers generated messages that were actively promoted by the propaganda of the Russian Federation, presenting them as the thoughts of the Americans. According to her “filthy” manual, Carlson was an important woman – she directly indicated the importance of the vikoristan of a large number of fragments of the show with criticism of the actions of the USA, NATO, their negative role conflict in Ukraine”.

Not without a riddle about the Nazis. Tucker said that Russia never fought against Nazism in the Other World War like any other country. They called the Russian-Ukrainian war a catastrophe for Europe and the whole world, citing NATO as the reason, not Russia. In the year 2023, Carlson stated that the American military will never take part in military operations. This message was immediately picked up by Russia Today.

“The United States is a direct participant in the fighting in the war against Russia. While we believe, American soldiers are fighting with Russian soldiers,” Tucker said.

Having agreed to the deeds given to the Pentagon, which had previously appeared at the border. Apparently, the American military posted in one of the chats photos of secret documents about the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their number and military assistance to the Sunset. Moreover, they did not remember about the combat units of the US Army in Ukraine and, moreover, about their fate in military operations. Officially, the White House stated that the US military presence is limited to the embassy in Kiev and is not related to military operations.

Following his broadcast from Fox News, Carlson dedicated his debut broadcast on Twitter to the support of the Kakhovskaya GES. Behind these words, Ukraine supported them, because “the Russians, like a water reservoir, came up with water to provide water to Crimea, which has been the home of the Black Sea Fleet for 240 years.”

“The people's decision was justified “the fact that the Ukrainian side supported the GES,” he asserted.

After this video, a fake appeared about those who the Office of the President of Ukraine gave Elon Musk 72 years to delete Carlson’s account. Although the public reaction of the head of the OP Mikhail Podolyak did not pressure any kind of ultimatum.

At the end of the day, Tucker started broadcasting from journalist Glenn Greenwald, who recently published information from former intelligence agent Edward Snowden. The key topics of the meeting were “Trump the peacemaker”, “Ukraine is fooled by the decline”, “Biden’s loss of trust in the Americans” and “NATO, how it never gets along with Russia”. Before the war in Ukraine, the Spyers attacked the whole Sun, the need for negotiations between Kiev and Moscow, the creation of occupied territories and block status for Ukraine.

Carlson said that following the results of the meeting between Pentagon head Lloyd Austin and legislators, the decision was praised that if the military aid to Ukraine is not voted on, then these congressmen will be sent to the war with Russia єyu. As it turned out, it was said about the vestiges that would emerge through the cover of the new packages. Austin said that if Putin wants to destroy Ukraine, then they are laying claim to the Baltic states, and therefore there is no need to relocate American military forces to Europe.

Although “insiders”, then for their own detriment and Tucker’s activities, having established himself as a conspiracy theorist, ruling conservative and mouthpiece for Kremlin fakes with an anti-Ukrainian position. That’s why the nickname “American Nightingale” stuck with him.

Back in two years. What does “representative Zakhad” know about Putin's interview

The Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan said that Tucker Carlson would not record an interview with Volodymyr Putin. Moreover, Putin returned to the fate of 2021 when he gave an interview to the leading CNBC TV channel Hadley Gamble. According to Tucker himself, the news was a storm in the United States and they were unable to fly to Moscow.

About 3 years ago, 2024, he was marked near the Russian capital. Later, he confirmed that he plans to record a conversation with Putin, as he has free access to the Tucker Carlson Network website and on platform X. As The Wall Street Journal writes, the recording will cost 8.00 for everything. Today, Kremlin river driver Dmitro Peskov confirmed that the interview took place. American blogger Alex Jones revealed that Rosmova had been struggling for two years.

As Tucker explained when scheduling the interview, “the Americans are absolutely unaware of what is happening in Russia and Ukraine.” In his words, the ruler of social protection, Elon Musk, promised not to block his publication.

“Taking such an interview is not connected with the risks, of course,” said Carlson.

It is also confirmed that the Joe Biden administration has never been tempted to disrupt the trains, while many have repeatedly expressed sympathy for Putin, and his political views are largely conservatively adjusted. in the United States, dissatisfied with the billion-dollar support of Ukraine. And calling on visiting journalists to those who, during the hours of a full-scale war, interviewed Volodymyr Zelensky, and not Putin.

“It’s almost like Tucker Carlson is expecting a good journalist without worrying about those to interview Putin, after the Russian troops reached Ukraine. During the rest of the repeat, fate has been brought to the Kremlin a bunch of queries. For us forever – “ni” , – said Steve Rosenberg from the BBC.

CNN's chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour also commented on Carlson's words.

“Tucker really appreciates that We, journalists, did not try to interview President Putin just before his large-scale invasion of Ukraine began? This is absurd… We will continue to question the interview, as we have already worked more than one time,” she said.

There is a reaction to Carlson’s trip in Ukraine. Zokrema, the great intercessor of the Minister of Defense Ganna Malyar, said that Putin’s interview will reveal his status outside the borders of Russia and reveal a “Pandora’s screenshot”. In my opinion, the only safe interview with him will be with Haazi. The governor of the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andryushchenko, will look after her.

“The United States must prove that stable democracy, economic development and dominance are not a guarantee against the guilt of the ****** (expletive word – ed.) on a great scale. The American analogue of Solovyov, Skabeeva and Sharia – Tucker Carlson is interviewed by Putin,” he wrote on Telegram.

Newsweek's letter to the European Parliament informed that Tucker could be included in the list of sanctions. One of the legislators, speaking anonymously, noted that the “mouthpiece of Trump and Putin” could be blocked from entering, and the Foreign Relations Service may look at his case.

Why is there respect for an interview and why is it important? Putin rarely speaks to the media, especially from outside journalists. And even if it wasn’t there, it will become a thick place. It is certain that the organization of the interview will become another crab of the Kremlin in the same direction as the important negotiations from Washington before Ukraine. Of course, Putin could organize a conversation with more mainstream snakes, and Carlson himself would become the most useful spymaker for the new one.

“A lot of journalists would have died for the chance to do this e interview. The Russian president doesn’t want to talk, not the foreign media,” writes Axios.

The anonymous Telegram channel “Kremlin snuffbox” means that Tucker was blocked from putting food on the back of the topic: killing the PVK card “Wagner” by Yevgen Prigozhin, spending on the war and blows to the Russian forces, the share of Oleksiy Navalny, the fence of LGBT people and why Sergiy Shoigu and Valery Gerasimov were not saved through the failure in Ukraine. What Putin himself said to the American guest will become a mystery.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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