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Scholz's “pain point”. How does the Bundeswehr figure out the chances of Ukraine on the Taurus

The scandal of wiretaps and angry speeches of German officers about the firing of Taurus missiles in Ukraine has shaken up the Bundeswehr. They write about the pressure under which Chancellor Olaf Scholz shut up, and also about how Russia was able to cancel the record.

More details about the scandal that took away the name Taurus-Leaks, and about those who are ultimately guilty on Scholz's decision about the transfer of Taurus to our country, – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: publications of The Wall Street Journal, German publications dpa, zdf, Bild, FAZ, statements by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, other politicians and comments from the Kerivnik Center Military-legal investigations of Oleksandr Musienka.< /p> Zmіst

  • Taurus, preparation and Crimean town. What were the German officers talking about
  • Vitik in the hour? How Scholz and German politicians react
  • Listening via WebEx. How the Russians managed to cancel the recording
  • The scandal from the wiretap: inheritance for Scholz and Ukraine

Taurus, preparation and Crimean town. What did the German officers say about

On Friday, February 1, the Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan published a massacre of people in uniform. This is a recording of 38 minutes taken from the virtual teleconference. On it, the commander of the German UPS (Luftwaffe) Ingo Gerhartz, the head of the department of operations and, to begin with, Frank Graefe, as well as the airborne soldiers of the center of air operations of the space command with the nicknames Fenske and Frostedte negotiate supplies and stagnation Suvannya of Taurus missiles in Ukraine.

Read the report in the accompanying material from RBC-Ukraine.

As The Wall Street Journal writes, on February 19, Gerhartz held a secret meeting with top Luftwaffe officers through an online conference system. One of the participants, Frank Graefe, arrived before the bell rang from his hotel room in Singapore. The commander commissioned the preparation of a presentation for Defense Minister Boris Pistorius about how Berlin can deliver Taurus and how Ukraine can stock them.

“There is no real reason to say that we can’t earn anything… It should lie beyond the political red lines,” says Gerharts.

Gerhartz discussed with the officers the delivery of Taurus for Ukraine (

The German arsenal has about 600 Taurus, of which about 500 are probably in production. Gerhartz indicates that Germany can supply 100 missiles to two parties in batches of 50 units. In my opinion, most people have no sense, the fragments of this war will not be able to change the course of the war. Ruinvannya of the Krimsky bridge, it became important to strategic one by half a crochet, ale is unlikely to Klakhuhnina Zho Zhovinuti Yogo, the large -scale title of the attack, the general. “, – like Gerharts.

Given the accumulations, it will take up to 6 years to hit the intelligence target of Ukraine, since a special warehouse will be prepared and will deny access to all necessary information. According to officers, German military forces were simulating battlefield presence for the Taurus to help the Defense Forces bypass PPOs on key targets, including the Crimean area. However, the expansion of topographical data is unlikely to destroy the defense of the Nimechchina to the conflict, as one of the officers said.

The beginning of a job in two years up to 4 months is important to ensure the level of accuracy and complexity of the order. Gerhartz also means that Scholz insists that if a missile were delivered, it would be fought without the participation of the Bundeswehr. It also appears on the record that the Taurus can easily be integrated with the Ukrainian Su-24 or F-16, which, as it turns out, will be delivered to that fate.

In addition, Gerharts made a statement about the presence of foreign military forces in Ukraine “in a civilian sense, to speak with an American accent.” Officers also say that the UK is unlikely to be particularly sensitive to the supply of Storm Shadow missiles. Officially, Ukraine and its partners will notice the deployment of foreign military forces.

Will it be time for food? How Scholz and German politicians react

The next day, the Federal Office of Military Counterintelligence (BAMAD) began a review. The Ministry of Defense confirmed the validity of the recording published by the Russian side.

“According to our assessment, Rosmova has been buried in the military forces. We cannot yet say with certainty whether changes have been made to the audio or written version, which will expand in social settings,” the river girl said. German Department.

This change will put a greater pressure on Chancellor Scholz. He has repeatedly stated that the delivery of missiles is due to the presence of German military forces. However, the head of the European Committee in the Bundesstaz, Anton Hofreiter (Greens), noted that “the Chancellor is clearly not telling the truth.” For example, New Korea has 260 Taurus, but there are no Bundeswehr soldiers there. Judging from the record, Gerhartz still does not fully understand Scholz's arguments.

“To some extent, no one really knows what the chancellor is blocking, blame the most hypocritical sensibilities,” he said, noting that he I have had occasion to make false statements about Taurus to journalists.

In this manner, Scholtz fell asleep under the fire of the fire. The opposition threatens to abolish the investigation commission, and threaten the CDU/CSU bloc to question the authority of the chancellor. The leader of the regional group of the CSU, Alexander Dobrindt, called the situation “incredibly marvelous”, and also agreed to the call of Scholz’s coalition partners – the Greens and the Free Democrats (FDP) – to come forward with clarifications from the Bundesstaz.

The Chancellor seems to understand the urgency of the problem. In his words, the incident with the overcrowding is “very serious food”, which will require a quick explanation.

“That is why we understand everything carefully, intensively and quickly. “It’s really necessary,” he said on Saturday on the sidelines of his visit to the Vatican.

< em>Photo: Olaf Scholz, under the pressure of German officers (Getty Images)

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius called wiretapping an element of the Russian information war and a hybrid attack on Germany.

“This is part of the information war, as Volodymyr Putin knows. It’s about division. It’s about the destruction of our unity. And, obviously, we are responsible for responding to this especially carefully, but not less decisively,” he said And having added that it is not possible at once ” give in to Putin.”

The vice-head of the parliamentary group of the “greens”, Agnieszka Brugger, called Putin on the destabilization of the situation and allowed that information sabotage would be repeated in the near future. This one-party member and the head of the parliamentary control committee of the Bundestag, Kostyantin von Notz, speaks about a precedent that is extremely dangerous for Germany and its allies.

“This shows that Russia is simultaneously vikorist in all ways in order to split politically , vіdvolіkty “We will be subject to other intelligence operations and will be transferred to further Ukraine. Counterintelligence can respond in close coordination with European and international partners,” he said.

< p dir="ltr">The head of the defense committee, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, calls for stronger efforts against spying. Behind these words, the rise of military officers may “put an end to our trustworthiness.” Vona respects the spying of part of the Russian toolkit of the hybrid war and is not surprised that you can be heard.

“There would be no more food for the hour when we became larger than the baths,” said Vona.< /em>

Kerivnik Center for Military-Legal Investigations Oleksandr Musienko appreciates that it is not without reason that almost two years have passed between the recording and the evil one. Behind these words, the Russians were waiting for the Taurus in recent discussions and new statements about the inadmissibility of the capture of Germany before the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“The axis of the stink and got to the bottom. The stinks angered Rosmova, when the chancellor again demonstrated the song's dissatisfaction. And the trace of knowledge, they angered away, carried out a nasty operation. In order to discredit Scholz, the fragments realized that they would give rise to a claim before thoughts about those “That Germany, they say, is planning all sorts of military actions. The special operation confirmed, as Russia thinks, that the Chancellor is acting, it seems that the German military forces,” he said. comments from RBC-Ukraine.

Listening via WebEx. How the Russians managed to cancel the record

Vitik became a propaganda effort of the Kremlin and confirmation that Berlin was in the process of Russian spying. Apparently, an officer of the foreign intelligence service BND was arrested for allegedly transferring data to Russia about the deployment of the HIMARS and IRIS-T systems in Ukraine for 450 thousand euros.

Once listened to, the consequence will be to realize that the recording has reached the hands of the Russians. I suspect that the negotiations took place through an unsecured line. According to dpa, the Vikor officers used the WebEx communication program, and a notification about the session was sent to smartphones via a landline telephone to the Bundeswehr office.

“And signs that the Vikorist lacked secure communication zku z I’ll look at the area that was clearly discussed. This, among other things, is a subject for further investigation,” the Defense Ministry spokesperson said in a comment to Bild.

WebEx, as the sputtering transfer is low Privacy Policy

As reported by the online magazine Heise, WebEx does not provide end-to-end encryption when making phone calls through a browser. And the very fact that spivrozmovniki did not install encrypted data is a “fundamental security problem.” Official information about WebEx has not yet been confirmed. Ale Pistorius stated that the system is being set up to comply with the highest standards of confidentiality.

German media sent messages to officials familiar with the investigations, write that Web Ex is widely abused by military and other secret agencies . And the extreme incident became a “wake-up call.”

Musienko says that at Zakhod they are eager to meet the tight Russian spy gun measure.

“Russians try and try to listen to the most important military personalities of Europe and other countries. It is important for us to understand the plans, understand what to look for, what they can be spied on, and so on. carry out investigative activities. What does this mean that there will be new tests? Of course. But I’ll say that at Zakhid they understand the same way. It can be said that this is the road from the two-way flow. I guarantee that Zakhid will not keep an eye on him,” added the expert.

Scandal from wiretaps: inherited Food for Scholz Ukraine

Powered by the distant Taurus, the German Chancellor has been under pressure for months. Both coalition partners and foreign allies are pushing for the transfer of missiles to Ukraine. At any moment, Britain tried to take the leadership and hand over the Taurus to itself, in order to protect Scholz from becoming inconsistent.

It’s time to put pressure on someone and Russia. After a series of detailed discussions of attacks, Russian officials attacked Nimechina and threatened to pay if it became a “participant in military operations.” At the very least, we are wary that Olaf Scholz has and will continue to fear Russia, explains Oleksandr Musienko.

“Russia has touched the pain point of the Chancellor, who is concerned about the transfer of missiles to Germany as a direct part of the war. We believe that Moscow carried out an operation so that Berlin would not have such misfortunes. Therefore, it is even more doubtful that the decision is more positive for us you will be accepted. Shvidshe for everything , which will be put into a meaningful term,” RBC-Ukraine reported.

With the understanding that Scholz is constantly calling new arguments, angering the Luftwaffe officers, not only to increase supplies, but th On principle, it is impossible to thank them for this chancellor. Then you can start internal processes that can lead to your installation.

“Having lost the invincible, regardless of the position of the Bundestag and partners in the coalition, they still did not support them. And now they have the tools to make decisions as much as possible. I have an investigation, I think I will be victorious This is an argument so as not to pass on to Taurus,” Musienko said.

It is important to note today’s statement by Scholz. Despite the long range of missiles at 500+ km, which “can reach targets in Moscow”, and there is no need for the deployment of military forces to the Bundeswehr in Ukraine, the arguments against have reached food control.

” It’s impossible, let the system From a distant radius, the government began without thinking about the kind of control over these armed forces. And if you want control, which is only possible with the participation of German military servicemen, then it is completely turned off. I have made this statement already. So… I am the chancellor, so will I so,” he said.

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