• 18/04/2024 03:45

Ships of the Russian “Dnieper flotilla” will become targets for drones, – British intelligence

The ships of the new “Dnieper flotilla”, as Russia planned to create, will be destructive for Ukrainian drones, how to effectively destroy the ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a message to the UK Ministry of Defense on Twitter.

As indicated by the information, on the 20th of February the Russian military Minister Sergiy Shoigu voted about formation of the “Dnieper river flotilla” and the brigade of the govts. The price of the new form, which is higher than for everything, is indicative of the safety of the waterways of the Dnieper and the islands that separate Kherson, controlled by Russia and Ukraine.

“The fact that the “Dnieper military” is completely real the flotilla will be ordered by the military group Dnieper”, as in the bitter end of 2024, the Dnieper group of troops was locked up, – according to the information.

According to British intelligence, Russia, obviously, wants to avoid and defects in Ukraine to other operations across the river, such as the operation This is the creation and support of the bridgehead in Krinki. Russian and Ukrainian forces spent a lot of special equipment and equipment during the attacks on Krinki. Zokrema, 17 February 2024, Ukrainian forces at Krinki informed about the attack. battle in this area of ​​​​attack of the 810th Guards Marine Brigade of Russia .

It is clear that this formation takes away the functions of river patrols in the Black Sea Fleet, while the Black Sea Fleet is currently located in the lower part of the Black Sea, voiced in the announcement.

” Dnieper military flotilla, amazingly, there will be a release for Ukrainian unmanned surface transport vehicles, which will effectively detect Russian ships operating in the Black Sea,” the British Ministry of Defense says.

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