• 24/06/2024 05:52

Shoigu boasted about “killing” dozens of drones, “modestly muttering” about the attack on an oil refinery near Ryazan

The Russian Ministry of Defense responded to the overnight drone attack in several regions. They attributed it to the loss of dozens of drones, having “forgotten” about the successful UAV attack on the oil refinery near Ryazan.

RBC-Ukraine reports this through communications to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to the statement, drones Some people have “tried” to attack objects on the territory of Russia in several regions.

“With the help of the PPO, 58 UAVs were recovered and destroyed over the territories of Belgorod (11 UAVs), Bryansk (8 UAVs), Voronez ької (29 UAV), Kursk (8 UAV), Leningrad (1 UAV), Ryazan (1 UAV),” confirms in the new.

Drone attacks in Russia

On the 13th of February in Ryazan (Russia), drones attacked oil refinery Eyewitnesses report burning. We also know about the victims.

It is significant that drones have been attacking targets in Russia for a while now. Thus, on the night of 12 February, a spill of drones was recorded in the lower regions. The oil depot and refinery collapsed under the impact. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that they recorded 25 drones and, perhaps, lost attacks.

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