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Shooting in Prague: police asked not to hold New Year's fireworks

Стрельба в Праге: полиция попросила не проводить новогодние фейерверки

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Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakušan has asked local authorities not to hold New Year's fireworks because of the mass shooting at Prague's Charles University on December 21 and a double murder in the capital's Klanowice Forest, both of which are likely to be carried out by the same person.

Source : “European Truth” with reference to the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs

Literally : “The least we can do for each other at this time is not to increase nervousness and not deepen the tension and possible trauma that this violence has left behind. We can celebrate the arrival of the New Year without firecrackers, cannon salvos and fireworks.”

Details : The head of the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs indicated that the country “experienced two shocking acts of violence related to shootings on the eve of Christmas.”

It is known that New Year's fireworks have already been canceled by the mayor's office of Olomouc in the east of the Czech Republic. There, this decision was explained not only by the tragic events of recent days, but also by flooding.

Background :

  • The massacre in the Charles University building on December 21 is the most tragic incident in the modern history of the Czech Republic. As a result of the shooting, carried out by a 24-year-old student of the Faculty of Philosophy, 14 people were killed.
  • All those killed were citizens of the Czech Republic; law enforcement agencies did not disclose their names.
  • Authorities believe the shooter is involved in several other murders, including the killing of his own father and the killing of two people in a Prague suburb.
  • The police did not disclose the shooter's motives, while denying his possible connection with terrorist groups.


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