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Shooting of police officers. The military was informed about the suspicion of desertion

Military services suspected of attacking police officers near Vinnytsia region And, they voiced suspicion of desertion.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through a message to the press service of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

As the press service writes, the DBI informed the persons involved about the suspicion of desertion.

We are closely verifying information about the stolen vibukhovka and zbroi from the military unit.

Attack on police officers near the Vinnytsia region

Based on the investigative data, 19 Kvitnya, military servicemen: father and son – voluntarily left the military unit in the Odessa region They stole the service pistol that was assigned to one of them.

Close to the 2nd night of the 20th quarter, the figures started a fire on law enforcement near the Vinnytsia region and left the place. The very next day, the 21st of April, they were captured in the village of Lipetsk, Podilsky district, Odessa region.

< p>The National Police of Ukraine is conducting an investigation beyond Art. 348 – driving in or attempting to kill a law enforcement officer. The DBR, on its own side, informed about the suspicion of desertion in the military camp – Part 4 of Art. 408 CC of Ukraine.

“The food supply is expected to ensure that it is in the right direction,” adds the DBR.

Full details of the attack on policemen near the Vinnytsia region, read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

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