• 25/04/2024 11:40

Slovakia supported the veto of the Ugorsk region on 50 billion euros of aid for Ukraine

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico upheld the veto of his Ugric colleague Viktor Orban to the help of Ukraine. There are plans to provide 50 billion euros in financial assistance for the following reasons.

RBC-Ukraine reported this in a post to Reuters.

Orban at a press conference with Fico, declaring that any financial instrument for Ukraine may be consolidated into the EU budget. We would like to create a mechanism to help Ukraine, which would be based on a division of aid based on gross national income.

“If we add 50 billion euros from the EU budget for the future, it will be destroyed no respect for the sovereignty and national interests of the EU. “We don’t know what will happen in a quarter of the time,” said Orban.

Fico said that Slovakia supports the Ugric region and that the region does not support any “exchange of rights” for Budapest in the EU. He declared that Orban’s misfortune with changes to the EU budget is “legitimate.”

“The government of Slovakia supports the proposals that the Prime Minister of Ugorshchina is already hanging or hanging,” Fico said.

What was conveyed to whom

Previously, the European Commission advocated seeing Ukraine 5 0 billion euros for 2024 -2027 rocks. The leaders of the EU countries considered this initiative on the 14-15th anniversary. Ale Ugorshchina has made a decision.

Nutrition assistance to Ukraine is considered at the EU level 1 fiercely. The Ugric Prime Minister Orban declares that he will block food.

Additionally, the European Parliament initiated the collection of signatures for a petition in order to give the Ugric people the right to vote in the EU Council. In just a few days, it became clear that the necessary number of signatures had been collected.

The European Parliament will consider the reduction of the right to vote tomorrow, the 18th.

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