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Spain increased imports of Russian gas by a third last year

Past by Rotsi at 35 vіdsotkiv. Most of it goes all the way to the sea.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine from reports on Xinhua.

According to the Spanish energy company Enagas, which maintains the national gas pipeline in 2023 roci Imports of natural gas from Russia reached a record 72,690 gigawatt-years.

Energy expert and professor at the University of Barcelona Albert Banal-Estanol discovered that gas pipelines between Europe and the Russian Federation are severely damaged and, the gasification infrastructure of Spain is large has become the main destination for Russian gas, which is delivered by ships.

Despite the pressure that the Spanish order imposes on the national energy companies, efforts to change the purchase obligations of Russian gas have not been successful, but How many companies want to withdraw contracts settled before the beginning of the Russian war against Ukraine, and the EU has not yet issued sanctions on the import of Russian gas

“The decision to allow foreign trade to be accepted within the framework of the EU. The European Rada did not praise the decision to include Import of gas from Russia before clogging and sanctioning of types activity,” said Spanish Energy Minister Teresa Ribera.

Russian gas from Europe

The EU wants to gradually reduce its deposits of Russian energy after the Russian invasion of Ukraine Now in the cruel 2022, we, like before, are taking off gas from Russia. Parts of the European Union continue to import Russian gas, regardless of the war against Ukraine. Zokrema, the Ugorshchina will take care of it.

Ale postacchaniya will still change. According to Reuters information, Gazprom's delivery to Europe in 2023 was more than twice as fast.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read the channel < /em>RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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