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Spyware programs were found on the phones of members of the European Parliament, – Politico

The European Parliament revealed traces of evil on two structures of members and spіvrobitniki Pidkom Food security and defense ( SEDE). The state of readiness for possible cyberattacks has been advanced.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via Politico.

The European Parliament asked the members of the Defense Subcommittee to check their phones on the security program after detecting traces of evil on two devices.

The problem was discovered when one of the members of the Subcommittee of Ministers for a scheduled inspection, at the hour when a trace of Shpigunsky was discovered PZ. Having said that, I didn’t immediately understand why I had become a target. Recently, Politico reported that the cybersecurity system is still “not up to standards” and “not ready for threats” created by hackers.

“Given the given geopolitical context and the careful nature of the files that the Security and Defense Subcommittee is responsible for, particular respect is due to the members of the subcommittee and the personnel who support its work,” the intercessor’s statement reads. and the river representative to the European Parliament, Delphine Colard.

In recent years, the parliament’s IT service launched a system for checking the phones of deputies for the presence of the Shpigunsky PZ. Since the launch of the program, “hundreds of operations” have been launched, writes Politico.

It seems that, together with law enforcement agencies of the USA, Great Britain and the EU, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) identified a global network of hackers, including representatives from Ukraine and Russia. The activities of the international group of hackers LockBit were stopped.

In addition, on the 20th anniversary of the United States of America imposed sanctions against two Russian citizens who were members of the cyber group LockBit and engaged in bullying. Advocate Minister of Finance, Volley Adeyemo, stated that the United States decides to resist attempts to steal from their citizens.

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