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Staging what's coming? What was the Russian Federation up to and finally started fighting near the Kharkov region

Russian troops are expanding their offensive in the Kharkiv region. The offensive forces have taken control of at least one populated area, and battles are being waged near Vovchansky and in other directions.

Report on what is expected to be a Russian idea and on what new thunderstorms may face Khark iv, – from the text of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: information from the Institute of Warfare (ISW), analysis and maps to the DeepState project, statements from the head commander of the ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky and military speakers, commentary from expert Oleksandr Musienko.


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  • “Sir” and “red” zones: what has changed in three days
  • No longer an imitation. The main goal is what Russia has in mind
  • Attack on Vovchansk so that the ZSU can take away the place
  • How close the Russians came to Kharkov and why there are new threats
  • ” Siri” and “chervoni” zones: what has changed in three days

    On Friday, the Russians switched to offensive operations directly at Vovchanska and Kharkov. The main areas of impact are along the line of settlements Ogirtseve-Pletenivka and Borisivka-Krasne-Strilecha. Additional forces are being monitored in the Kharkiv and Sumy regions.

    Video from drones recorded a thief in the afternoon near the village of Morokhovets, poor equipment in the suburban part of Ogirtseve, ov purchase of white Staritsi. The enemy's actions are not sabotage, but linear in nature.

    On the outskirts of Kharkov, it is possible that the villages of Strilecha, Krasne, Pilna and Borisivka are buried. On the maps of the DeepState project, the stench moved into the “red zone” with an area of ​​over 50 square kilometers. The occupiers are planning to storm Glibke and Luk'yantsi near Liptsiv, which is close to 17 km from the Kharkov ring road.

    Directly from Vovchansk, the Russians could occupy Pletenivka and, for all that, try to gain a foothold on the Ogirtseve-Gatishche-Staritsa-Bugrovatka line. Here on the maps there is a “red zone” of 35 square kilometers. And judging from them, the occupiers are selected to the outskirts of Vovchanska.

    Photo: map of the “red” and “dry” zones in the Kharkiv region (deepstatemap.live)

    The exit from a number of positions has been officially confirmed. As a result, just yesterday one population center came under Russian control. The National Guard was informed about this, without specifying its name. The chief commander of the ZSU, Oleksandr Sirsky, said that the enemy’s plans are visible and that they will react to their actions.

    “There are ongoing battles near the border areas of the border with the Russian Federation. The situation is complicated, but the defense forces of Ukraine are timid all , in order to strengthen the defensive lines and positions, to protect the enemy,” he wrote on Telegram.

    The Russian offensive in the Kharkov region is causing concern. There is a constant rush of gunfire as we move forward with the support of artillery, aviation and technology. Moreover, judging by the number of forces involved, the expansion is significant, states the head of the Center for Military-Political Research, Oleksandr Musienko.

    In his words, approximately 20 thousand soldiers have already been recruited for combat operations. Others are located in the territory of Bilgorod and Kursk regions. In total they can be up to 40 thousand. In order to evaluate the potential of the traces, it is not the quantity, but the speed and effectiveness of the action.

    Therefore, task No. 1 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not to push the occupiers back to the Russian Federation, but to stop pushing through.

    < p >“The enemy will try to gain a foothold on the lines, try to enter Vovchansk and walk another 2-3 km in the afternoon. Judging by the nature of what is expected, possible offensive actions are being prepared against Kozacha Lopan, as well as from Grayvoron to Velyka Pisarivka (the village Sumy region, – ed. )”, – noting the Russian Federation from RBC-Ukraine.

    In another scenario, if the Russians believe that they will achieve tactful success, there is no doubt that the stink will spread even more to try yogo rozvinuti, adding expert.

    It’s no longer an imitation. The main thing is the idea of ​​​​Russia

    In the initial phase of the Russian expansion, it was important that it would be more about imitation, and not about a full-fledged military operation.

    “It's like imitation itself large-scale offensive with boundaries with our own forces, for reconnaissance in force,” Andriy Kovalenko told the Center for the Prevention of Disinformation at the RNBO on Friday.

    The attack was accompanied by information drops from the “Z-military correspondents”. According to the words of the CPD analyst Sergiy Zhukov, the wizard of the IPSO (information-psychological operation) was preparing for pregnancy. And on the 10th of May, fake news about the new Swede in Kharkov flooded the Internet.

    Such ideas are intended to cause panic and demoralize military and civilians in the Kharkiv region. This is a standard practice of combat operations, some of the most extensive maneuvers and reconnaissance in force come to a standstill in order to introduce the Defense Forces into the Oman, adding military forces.

    However, after three days it is obvious that the offensive operation of the Russian troops is underway, according to Mus ienko.

    “The strategic meta is Kharkov's infusion. Not a battle for the place of his burial, but an infusion from the ground, similar and directly approaching. This can be seen from the point of view of the logic of the forces involved. On the other hand, I doubt in the fact that they are implementing strategic goals” , – confirmed the vin.

    In my opinion, whether the occupiers will be able to implement it depends on the availability of aid packages, the readiness of our command to transfer forces from Donbass to the Russian Federation Final gathering.

    It is not a fact that the enemy’s activation in the Kharkiv region is directly focused. Analysts at the Institute of Warfare (ISW), at their core, believe that the strategic idea is to capture the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

    The hope is that the “new front” will allow Ukraine to gain reserves, and in the meantime the Russians will be able to consolidate their tactical successes as they enter Avdiivka and Chasovoy Yar. In other words, this is an attempt to liberate and weaken the Ukrainian defense in order to achieve a breakthrough in more vulnerable areas.

    As explained by the head of the Ground Forces reservists, Ivan Timochko, on the emergence of additional “hot spots” There are protocols, suitable for military Blame the mother of the obligatory reserves. And this, in addition to strengthening logistics, is supported by the expansion of a special warehouse.

    “I intend to put our command in front of the dilemma of what to protect us first. In order to either continue the defense operations in the Donetsk region with the transfer of additional forces or still transfer them to the Kharkiv region. kova. “It’s one element of a large-scale operation, the beginning of which we are waiting for,” said Musienko.

    An attack on Vovchansk and the ZSU could take away the place

    Merezh has video of attacks on the rowing of Siversky Dіnts Old Saltovo The bridge over the Vovcha River is open for daily entry and entry from Vovchanska. It is clear that the Ukrainian forces should be isolated and not allowed to support the defense of the city.

    The collapse of the land lines indicates that Russian forces are concentrating on the buried Vovchanska area in order to bypass it and expand the front, according to the ISW. Press on the operating system, of course, straightening on those in order to weaken the frailties in the Kup'yanska area.

    It is said that the Vovchansky bridgehead is unlikely to be created for an attack on Kharkov. For everything, we are making plans to go to Velikiy Burluk, Dvorichna and Kup'yansk, wanting to stay away from the most troubling operations in the open area. What the occupiers did not demonstrate to the rest of the history.

    The Russian presence was already registered at Vovchanska, but the enemy was knocked out, says Oleksandr Musienko.

    “The Russians are no less close, ours will kill everything, To stop them. How much should we wait? There’s no chance of entering the place, it’s crazy. If you can’t see it, the enemy will try to launch an attack right next to the village of Bily Kolodyaz,” he said.Today, the head patrolman of the local police department, Oleksiy Kharkovsky, reported that the situation had significantly deteriorated due to constant shelling, the place had been destroyed, and most of the residents forged. According to the head of the regional OVA Oleg Sinegubov, up to 500 people will be lost there.

    Significantly, Vovchansk was occupied on the first day of the large-scale invasion on February 24, 2022. It was possible to call in the hour of the Kharkov operation near the spring of the same fate. It is close to the Russian cordon and the place is under constant shelling.

    How close the Russians came to Kharkov and yet there are new threats

    The attack on Kharkov from the side of Liptsy is assessed as low-impact. First of all, you also need to perform the same difficult operations on open space. Otherwise, part of the grouping “Pivnich” may not be sufficient due to defects of a special type.

    To clear the regional center, the Russians will need about 300 thousand soldiers, while the border areas have much less. Due to such situations, the transfer of troops from other villages will be necessary, which will threaten the plans for the burying of the Donetsk region, respect the ISW.

    Expert Musienko dedicates his respect to the activation of the enemies of the IPSO. According to him, the Russians will try to increase the frequency of strikes on Kharkov. And, of course, they would be pleased with the picture of panic and people fleeing the place. It is significant, as the local authorities sang, that there is no basis for evacuation.

    Prote the risk of extending to Liptsy, and this is the zone where the enemy can fire artillery, as if at the beginning of a full-scale war. In fact, everything in the Liptsy area is critical.

    “You need to understand that there will be 25-30 kilometers, and that is enough to ensure an influx of fire. That's the artillery can you reach the outskirts of Kharkov. Lerian border, it’s difficult to say. Everything will lie in wait until the Swedish reinforcements reach the Defense Forces, as long as the armor will be engaged and as soon as the Swedish will help us from our partners.

    “As soon as the whole complex of approaches is completed, I think they will not be allowed to get through. i, nizh by 1-2 kilometers. They will end up on the defense line along Kharkov. They will reach the target and will be able to destroy the enemy for a long time,” the expert concluded.

    The terms are important. Lenny about the war against Russia Read about Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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