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“Strategic pause.” What to expect at the border with Poland if Romania lifts the blockade

The blockade of entry cordons for vandalism seems to be reaching its end. Accepted from the side of Poland, checkpoints will be open as soon as 1 March, the decision from Romania will be finalized in the coming days.

More details about the situation at the border, housing with Poland and about those if the blockade of Rumania occurs what points, – from the materials of RBC -Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: data from the Western Regional Directorate of the State Prikordon Service of Ukraine, publications from Gazeta Wyborcza and Digi24, statements from the Vice-Premier, the Minister of Community Development, the Territory, etc. infrastructure of Oleksandr Kubrakov and commentary by the speaker of the State Prikordon Service Andriy Demchenko.

Poland “has opened”, Romania is blocking two points: the situation at the border

For information from the Entry Regional Directorate of the Derzhprikordon Service of Ukraine, at road and automobile checkpoints at the border from Poland and Romania There is no such thing. Although there are vintage cars, there are no physical smells from the Ukrainian side, fragments of the stink are registered with the “Є-cherga” service.

Speaker of the State Prikordon Service Andriy Demchenko points out that passenger traffic, which also flows into the formation of the city, is at the lower end of the New Year period. As on the Holy Day there were 120-140 thousand people in the region for the purpose of taking offense directly, then, for example, the schools crossed the border with only 62 thousand people.

“With reduced passenger traffic there is a problem chergi, all checkpoints are practically empty, there is no cherg,” – says RBC-Ukraine commentator.

As soon as the Polish cordon is closed, just before 16:00 an intense uproar began at the points “Rava-Ruska” and “Krakiwiec”, and at about 20:00 – at the direction “Yagodina”. From the Polish side, the checkpoints “Grebenne”, “Korchova” and “Dorogusk” are clear.

“Directly to the checkpoint “Shegini” has been unblocked for another 6 days. It is not blocked every day directly from the Polish side”, – adding wine.

Protea on the lower roads will still be depleted, since a large number of trucks are waiting for the possibility of leaving Poland. At the beginning of the 17th, there were approximately 1900 vandals, of which only 800 stood directly at Shegini. On the Ukrainian side, there is an increase in the electronic account at Yagodin – 1200 cars have been registered at once, although for days at Y- through” to whom directly There were up to 300 exit tickets.

On the side of Romania, due to the protests of farmers, the blockade of the points “Siret” and “Vikova de Sus” near the Ukrainian “Porubny” and “Krasnoilska” is taking place.

“The blockade is in place at a distant distance from the cordon. Moreover, the peculiarity of these points is that “Krasnoilsk” can only be crossed by vans that go empty, but on “Porubna” they go entrained furies. “You can miss 500-600 trucks for the spoils on the other side,” Demchenko said.

How many vintage cars stand nearby on Romanian territory, it is unknown, such information is Ukrainian news Don’t toss the sweet clover.

“Strategic pause” until 1st week. About how they got home from Poland

Significantly, the protests at the border were due to the beginning of leaf fall for many reasons. First of all, Polish authorities criticized the electronic ban on leaving Ukraine, as it discriminated against them. In another way, they wanted to grab a strong drawer for empty trucks, and thirdly, to renew a permissible system for Ukrainian companies and to protect the registration of those whose capital is due to cross-border EU borders.

Previously, the stinks came with the new order of Donald Tusk, within the framework of which to suppress the protests

“It’s not the end, but the protest will be added. We were at home about the songs of the mind. We will have an hour to sort out the fragments price of the new order,” said Tomasz Borkowski, a representative of the Committee for the Protection of Transport Workers and Transport Workers of Poland.

The good news is to extend the blockade of the points “Korchova”, “Grebenne” and “Dorogusk” until 1 March 2024. Following the words of the Polish Minister of Infrastructure Dariusz Klimczak, the parties will begin intensive negotiations aimed at a specific effect. In your opinion, you want to have 7 points so you can eat plenty of food.

“They are complaining about the permanent shutdown of the road border crossing “Malkhovice – Nizhankovichi” as part of a pilot project in the electronic checker system. There is also ongoing monitoring of the declaration of the Ukrainian side until the resumption of vandalism, registration outside the territory of Ukraine. statements of the Ukrainian side about the extension to 60 days,” the minister said.

At the other half of the day, 16th day, the permit for attractions to “Krakivets” and “Rava-Ruska” was renewed emergency mode. Yesterday evening there were about 700 trucks parked there at the entrance to Ukraine. A few days later, the pass to “Yagodin” was renewed.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development of Communities, Territory and Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov guessed that the flow of arrivals was also good, for example, the chest and “on our side we saw virtually everything we had taken in.”

There are also more detailed information about pleasure. Zokrema, the Polish government is working on the mechanism of compensation for carriers who have spent similar markets through the Russian invasion to Ukraine. And also to force checks for the protection of coastal transport (in the middle of Poland) and to create a system for monitoring the transport services of Ukrainian companies.

Among other things, the relationship with the protesters includes approaches that were previously accepted in the equal ministries of both countries:

  • creation of a nearby pass in the online through for empty vantages “Yagodin – Dorogusk” ( technically already available)
  • visit the item “Ugriniv – Dolgobychiv” for empty attachments (viconano)
  • start of a pilot project at the point “Nizhankovichi – Malchowice” without electronic registration (three months, after which the effectiveness will be assessed). Ukraine insisted on implementation only after the cordon was unblocked. Registration has been suspended for now

Previously, it was also expected to launch a full-scale working group to analyze the situation on the bilateral transportation market and ensure effective international and border control. The first meeting took place on the 8th of today, the parties decided to prepare a plan of action to balance the transportation market and speed up transportation.

Polish Minister Dariusz Klimczak is sure that it will last for a few days. And having decided to do everything possible, so that before the 1st of February you can retire from your carriers. It seems that we have given the authorities a mandate to trust.

“We are giving the ministry a mandate to trust. This is not capitulation, but a strategic pause,” said one of the protest leaders, an activist Rafal Mekler.

The Rumun blockade may end in just a few days

The blockade of the cordon on the side of Romania began on June 13, 2024. For the first time, farmers blocked the flow of vantages through “Siret” opposite the Ukrainian point “Porubne” for several years, as a result of which the river immediately extended for 6 km. Two days later, due to the failure of negotiations with power, the war expanded to “Vikova de Sus” opposite the Ukrainian point “Krasnoilsk”.

The reason is Romanian farmers from the Suceava and Botosani regions to skimp on imports from Ukraine. In these words, Ukrainian grain has taken all the effort from transshipment at the port of Constanta and prices for agricultural products have collapsed. In the meantime, there may be a need for subsidies and compensation for surpluses for those who have recognized the surpluses on their imports, as well as for renewal of payments for Ukrainian goods.

Tsikavo, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy's press conference , criticizing the Polish blockade, saying that through it “we spent hundreds of millions of dollars and lost some of it.”

“I am against the blockade of the cordon. Thank God, Rumunia showed up, and President (Klaus – ed.) Johannis helped our farmers survive. He had strikes, I respect him, having shown himself to be a worthwhile person,” he said.< /em>

For days, the Ministry of the Rural Dominion of Rumania reached out to please the protesters. According to the words of Minister Florin Barbu, there is a need for 13 negotiations to continue in order to find a compromise between the new questions.

It was reported that the Romanian order of goiters has come to an end.

At the same time, as stated by the representative of farmers at the negotiations, Marius Miku, agreement does not mean a permanent implementation of the blockade. In addition, through those who are in trouble, they can deepen negotiations with Romanian carriers.

Previously, over 150 drivers from Ukraine controlled the action in the center of Siret, dissatisfied with this, which the farmer protested and the carriers are blocked I have access to the mitnitsa. According to the representative of the gendarmerie Roxana Iuliani Botezatu, today at 09:30 they were allowed to rush in columns to the checkpoint.

Half a day later, nearly hundreds of farmers blocked Siret from the villages with about 50 tractors and 15 cars, and the column of blocked trucks on the way to Ukraine reached approximately 20 km. As stated by Alina Petraru, press secretary of the border police of Suceavi, no one has entered through the Siret checkpoint since midday on Monday. The passage of passenger vehicles, buses and minibuses is subject to emergency regime.

Rumanian Prime Minister Jon-Marcel Ciolacu believes that the farmers' protests will end within days. Vin is a vitality of accumulates “storage to the roschals”.

“I was smeared with zrosumi, I got into a look at the stump of vitriol. There was an influx of goods from Ukraine to the territory of Romania. Those material and technical security that farmers bought in the past, they bought very expensively, in the spring they fell in price, and the price of agricultural products increased. Cumulative ny factor that does not necessarily lie in the order, but “Which we can mark,” – indicating VIN.

Ukrainian border guards do not know if the blockade of trucks from the Rumanian side occurs.

“View of the border “The police of Romania have no information about the fact that such events began. But about the reasons and how they can be avoided for a long time, the Romanian guards did not tell us,” adding a riverman from Derzhpri in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine cordon service Andriy Demchenko.

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