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Students can travel abroad: who and what they think

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted changes about the rules for crossing the cordon by bachelor students , reported RBC- Ukraine.

From now on, undergraduate students between the ages of 18 and 22 who start at universities in Ukraine will be able to cross the border for internships. Language about master's degrees in medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary directly. Which students are allowed to go beyond the cordon, Mikhailo Lobunko, a lawyer at the law firm Prikhodko and Partners, explained in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine.

Which students can go beyond the cordon

Order No. 366 of the 2nd quarter of 2024 introduced changes to the Rules for crossing the sovereign cordon by the citizens of Ukraine, which allow male students aged 18 to 22 years to take part in educational programs and mobility is not longer than one semester.

The Cabinet resolution was changed and additional provisions were added for crossing the cordon in wartime. Changes are made between male students from 18 to 22 pm to take part in academic mobility programs.

“It is important that the advanced stages of bachelor’s degree (master of medicine, pharmacy or veterinary medicine) must begin on a full-time basis and within the framework of academic mobility programs can continuously travel behind the cordon no more than lines in the beginning semester,” explains Mikhailo Lobunko.

What is academic mobility? The proof is described in Art. 1 Law of Ukraine “On Lighting”.

Photo: Students mingle between the ages of 18 and 22 to take part in academic mobility programs (Getty Images)

“The possibility of participants in the educational process (stu dents, investors and others. ) to begin, work, do internships or carry out scientific activities in other areas of greater awareness and scientific establishment on the territory of Ukraine and positions between them,” – like a spivozmovnik.

Delivery to station. 46 and Art. 62 of the Law of Ukraine “On the search for enlightenment”, students have the right to academic mobility, including international mobility. Students who exercise this right do not have to enroll at the university; they retain the place of their scholarship.

What documents are required for students to leave

  • completion of the bookmark of the greater awareness of Ukraine for the direction of the participant in the program of educational academic mobility for the beginning of the foreign bookmark of education from the designated substations of spivrobіtnitsya, line on the initial semester behind the cordon, depending on the results of the remaining two semesters (primary) of negative assessments and the facts of reorganized tests and exams and confirmation of the level Volodynia in order to complete my education in a foreign country;
  • a copy of the academic mobility agreement, certified by the mortgage of Ukraine in the established order;
  • e-receipt of the student (student), transferred reniya portal “Diya” For additional electronic devices, you need to read or enter a unique electronic identifier;
  • Vysko-regional documents with the appropriate marks of the district (united district), municipal (district in localities) , united municipal) territorial center of staffing and social encouragements.

It is significant that active military service members in Ukraine in the hour of war may revoke official permission to cross the border cordon. For whom is there a number of stands? We wrote about who among the military personnel is allowed to travel beyond the cordon.

It also became clear for some reasons that several members of the homeland are not mobilized.

Terms and important information about the war in Russia against Read about Ukraine on the channelRBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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